Needing HELP on Inclusion Bracelet... PLEASE

  1. HI... I am wanting to order a LV inclusion bracelet in the PM width but do not know which size to get, the small or med. Can some one PLEASE help me??? My wrist are 6 inches. Your HELP is GREATLY needed and appericated!!! Hugs :heart:
  2. I tried on the regular sized inclusion and it was too big for me (went half way up my arm) so I ordered the small size. Unfortunately, the small was too small. It squeezed over my left hand but I don't like wearing bracelets on my left because I'm afraid of scratching my watch. It didn't even fit over my right hand. I think I'm going to sell it. They're so pretty I just wish there was an inbetween size. Your best bet is going in and trying them both on. Good Luck!!
  3. My wrist is about the same and I get the medium. You also have to remember that you have to get them over your hand too, so you need a tad bit more room.
  4. I always get a med. I could probably get away with a small...but...better safe than sorry for me.
  5. Yeah, the main issue is being able to get it over your hand. My wrists are a bit under 6 inches, but I need to use soap & water to get the small over my hand :sweatdrop: If you can't stop by a boutique to try them on, then I'd suggest ordering both and returning the one that doesn't fit. Or if you're feeling crafty, make a model of the bracelet with a 2.25 inch (small) diameter and one with 2.50 (med) and see how they fit :idea:
  6. Thanks... GREAT idea :smile::tup:
  7. I'd go with the medium. If your hands swell, you might have trouble getting the small on/off.
  8. just cup your hand and measure around it. that will tell you what size you need. it will be fitting over the fattest part :smile: