Needing help on a chanel tote!!

  1. I am wanting to buy a chanel cambon black tote, but I always have problems with the straps on purses, if they are so short to where they fall off your sholder, it bothers me to where i wont use the purse. so i was wanting to know which tote is better before i spend alot of money on them: the medium tote or the larger one? or are they both short?... if they are both not good, then any suggestions on different kinds of totes.. thank you!

    oh and i am looking on a website called because the totes are alot cheaper.. does anyone know if that is a good reliable site to buy handbags from?
  2. First of all, you cannot ask questions about websites in this forum

    Second of all, if you are wondering whether the straps would be too short or not, you can take a lot at the Chanel Reference subforum!
  3. Chanel bags are not available to purchase online.