Needing a shoulder bag, but wanting a Watercolor???

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  1. So I was waiting and waiting patiently for the Damier Neverfull to come out because I felt it would be the perfect every day bag for work... I could throw everything in there and just go. So now that it is not coming out until NEXT year and I am NEEDING a new bag what should I get.

    I am in love with the Watercolor Speedy (although I have not seen IRL), although gorgeous, it defeats the purpose of buying a new "shoulder" bag (also not on the WL)... which is what I feel I want/need right now... I was thinking of getting the Mono Neverfull, and maybe selling it next year if I want the Damier...:confused1: I just don't know.

    Do any of you have suggestions???
  2. get the WC speedy, no matter what. Also i have a mono neverfull..its great for on the run or carrying a bunch of stuff, so get that too!
  3. Alot of people don't like it....but I always use a strap with my speedies, I just don't 'do' handhelds. That is what I will do with the Watercolor too.
  4. Buy a vachetta strap for the watercolor.
  5. You should get on the WL asap ... you could always say no when you see it irl and you don't like it.

    As for the Neverfull ... I wouldn't recommend it IF you carry a lot of stuff that'll make it heavy, the thin straps will hurt your hands/shoulders. If you don't carry a lot, then it'll be fine ... it's a good bag.
  7. All - Thanks for your advice

    Wow... so you all say get the WC speedy, is the strap annoying on the Speedy?? Could one of you post a pic of the speedy on your shoulder and/or across your body so I can get an idea of what it looks like?? I have a mono speedy but currently have no strap on it

    I do carry alot of stuff (and probably would carry more if I get the Neverfull, ha!) so maybe the Neverfull is not a good idea.. interesting.
  8. If you want a watercolor and a shoulder bag, why not get the papillon?
  9. Definitely get the watercolor now. You could always save up over the next year and pick up the Damier Neverfull when it comes out.

  10. You know I never thought of that.... I have to search for pics of that one now and see if it is big enough... Thanks for the suggestion!!
  11. You know, I have the Neverfull GM (I think it's called that) Anyway it is the largest one. Unless you put a supportive bottom (acrylic liner sold on ebay) it sags in a VERY unattractive way. Unitl now I've only used it as a carry-on for my expensive shoes or something along that line when traveling or shopping to hold small packages.

    I just purchased the liner and that makes a huge difference.
  12. have u gone to boutique and try them on yet? that the best way to decide..:yes:. at least for me:P
  13. I say get the watercolor speedy or papillion because they are limited edition whereas the neverfulls are not. You can always get the neverfull later but I say get the watercolor NOW... get on a waitlist ASAP.. you should be able to get one.
  14. Thanks guys! I think I will call the store today and get on the list for the watercolor speedy and also try on the Neverfull MM to see how it feels.

    Thanks for the liner tip sdesaye!

  15. Good action. Get on the WL for the Speedy and decide when you see it IRL.