Needing a little Mac help please

  1. Hi guys,

    Here's hoping someone can help me with this - I just got my very first MacBook today, and so far its working out okay (I'm typing this on it, so things can't be that bad, lol!) but I was wondering a couple of things. The first is how do I save pictures from the internet onto the computer? Since there's no right-click I mean, I'm a bit lost. Its probably a really dumb question but I don't know anyone with a Mac so I'm clueless.

    Also, are there any resources (books, websites etc) that are good for helping make the transition and get used to the OS?

    Many thanks for any and all help!

  2. Enable rightclick with two-finger tap under the keyboard/mouse area in preferences. Alternatively, you can press control while you click under the trackpad. Of course the two-finger tap is simpler.

    As to getting used to the OS, just play around with it. You'll find it rather simple after the first week haze.
  3. One of my favorite things about macs is that you can just click and drag a picture from the internet to the desktop.
  4. I got a great book called "switching to the mac" when I first got my imac....made a big difference to me in getting used to the different ways a mac I try doing things the mac way on my dell work laptop!!!!
  5. You can use the "grab" tool to take shots of things as well. It is located in your utilities folder. I find that the Help option is very useful as well as the apple website.
  6. Put two fingertips on the trackpad and click on the image :yes: I got a non Apple mouse for my MBP though.
  7. Thanks guys - that helped a lot. :biggrin:
  8. And if you get an apply might mouse you can set it up for two click even though there aren't buttons....its smart enough to know what you wanted to do if you use it just like a PC mouse.
  9. to save a photo, you could also drag it onto the desktop.

    I am quite new to mac as well and I got my macbook around 3 months ago.

    here is some good website: - support - discussion
  10. I don't understand... Aren't Macs supposed to be super intuitive. You shouldn't have any questions about how to operate one!


    And for the PC people, if you choose to, you can also drag any image to the desktop to save it, as well.
  11. ^^HAHA You really hate Macs don't you Charles?

    Also...check out and widgets. There are some great widgets for taking snapshots of your screen and will automatically import into iPhoto.

    Anyhow...I switched about 2 weeks ago...and every so often I stumble on a problem...but mostly I'm just in awe of all the little things that this thing can do! I'm sure my PC could've done it to...but not 'out of the box' like the Mac can!
    Oh...and isn't great not to have to be locked up all the time and worrying about viruses!!! HEEHEE
  12. ^^Yes!!! lol - its so nice not to have to worry about that anymore. :biggrin:

    And its mostly my own technological ineptitude that causes me problems - even graphic calculators give me hives. ;)
  13. Well you do have to plug them in first. Then it brings me my morning cawfee. Sometimes if I don't feel like getting out of bed, it walks my dogs for me. I paid extra for those features btw. :roflmfao: :rolleyes:

  14. ^^^^^

    That's what I do !!! I don't know any other way !!
    but i do LOVE my mac after having a PC for 8 years !!