Needed a bit of a cheer up so I went & bought...

  1. I was feeling a bit fed up the other day and hadn't bought anything for a couple of weeks:graucho: so I decided I wanted to add a little colour to my collection and get something to go with my Raye Mini Pleaty.

    Have been mulling over getting a Vernis Mini Agenda some a while so, decided to order one in Framboise from the website (none left in the stores). I also went along to my fav store in the City of London and got the Denim Cles and Denim Mini Zippy.

    Decided not to get an insert for the Agenda as I would be paying full price for only 6 months use, and intend to wait until the new year. (Hope I can last that long:wlae:)

    I've got a cute Silver Tiffany diary pen which will go so well with the Agenda as it is the perfect size.

    Only down side to my little spree was that my fav SA (the store manager) told me she was leaving at the end of the month:sad:. Still the other SA's at the store are also really nice, so hopefully will not make a difference to my visits.

    Here are some pictures.. Hope you like.
    Denim & Vernis.jpg Denim Inside.jpg Vernis inside.jpg
  2. I absolutely love it! Congrats!!The colours fit perfectly together
  3. Very pretty! I love the Framboise agenda.
  4. Very nice items :smile:
  5. niiiice
    hope those adorable new pieces made you feel alot better
  6. Congrats!
    Everything is so nice!
  7. Very nice! I love the colour of the Vernis Agenda ... so pretty!
  8. Congrats~ I understand needing a little shopping to make you feel better. I do it too!:idea:
  9. Congrats! Love them all!
  10. :graucho:It looks like you got some great items!
  11. Congratulations.
  12. Cute stuff. Congrats!
  13. Congrats!
    That Cles is the next thing on my list too!
  14. Congrats!
  15. adorable...