NEEDDD Desperate help here.

  1. Im looking for these Hermes bag that looks like a tote and its made of some sort of canvas. Its like 2 tone i think. I saw it on ebay before but i guess i was'nt much intrested till now. Its like an addiction. So i know people in this forum are expert at hermes So could anyone pleasee tell me the name of this bag and give me more information/links that i can check on.

    If anyone has this bag for sale do tell me also . Thanks Alot
  2. Garden Party? :shrugs: You can get these at the store.
  3. Sounds like Garden Party.
  4. is this it?

  5. Fourre Tout? Two tone ALL canvas? Wide about 4"? More squarish shape?
  6. yeah what the shopmom said. Not the garden party. Urmm the handle is also canvas but its sort of like bind into one tube. You guys are so helpful still.
  7. O btw would anyone tell me what hermes bags are recommnded for younger age people
  8. Try a Picotin or a Garden Party Twilly. Both of these are young and fun.

    This is a link to Nathansgirl1908 Blue Jean Picotin

    Here is a link to what Perja can fit in the Picotin

    And here is a link to Nathansgirl1908's Garden Party Twilly

    Also you might like the Evelyn, it is a messenger type bag. Here is a link to Georgiagirl's Cycleman Evelyn
  9. You guys are soo helpful. I think its the fourre tout that i will go for.
  10. I have a Deauville that is very similar to the Fourre's a little sturdier
  11. Omg I want that too. It does look better. Are there other variations of hermes totes that look like "this" I really think its one of the better creations compared to a birkin