Needb Help..What colour do I go for...?

Jun 13, 2006
Tia....I have got a choice of colours for a Gm Masai....Gold ,ebene ,potiron,black...which should I go for as its such a big bag i don't want to make a mistake and I cant see them in person as they are in another country...In birkins I have Bj ,rouge vif,chartruse,cyclamen,I have a tgm evelyn in black and a Jpg birkin in black,a victoria in potiron,kelly in black and gold....any ideas would really help as I would like to ring the store tomorrow with my decision....Leaning to gold but not sure....HELPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP...


Sep 1, 2006
birkin girl, the Masai I've seen were large....and I qualify that by saying, they were large to me as I generally do not prefer large bags. And, they are unstructured.

I love's such a neutral go with so many colors.....Hermes shade. I am guessing the masai is a soft leather, such as clemence? Did the SA tell you??

plum blossom

Aug 8, 2007
Ebene sounds fantastic. And since it's large, maybe a dark color like ebene can hide it's size.

I thought ebene has been replaced by cafe. Good to know that it's still around. It's my favourite brown from Hermes.