Needanotherbag's Purse Armoire

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  1. I finally got around to photographing my colection and how I store them. DH said we didn't buy an armoire just to house my bags...what else would an armoire be for?:graucho:

    Here's my current collection -missing from the LV family pic is my musette tango, vernis key holder and vernis agenda, as they were out in my car...

    The lockit and Alma I just got this week, so they got their own pic together...:heart:

    Thanks for viewing!
    new bags 002.jpg new bags 004.jpg new bags 005.jpg
  2. Great collection, love your damier pieces--but really love the denim pleaty!
  3. Wonderful :biggrin: thanks for sharing!
  4. Gorgeous collection! Looove the damier alma, and the way you store them is terrific! I need a system like that.
  5. great collection, i really like every bag. the locket is so cute.
  6. ^^^thanks! It's a small collection, but looking to grow...:yes:
  7. great collection!! :smile: and i LOVE the way you store them ! i want a big giant bag armoire haha
  8. What a nice colection! We should all store our bags the way you do...
  9. Great collection, congrats!
  10. Lovely collection congrats
  11. Very cute! Love the bags and the armoire
  12. same here!
  13. Thanks for sharing!
  14. You have a wonderful collection!!!
  15. Lovely collection & armoire, congrats!