Need YSL Muse help...please!

  1. Hi, I just ordered the white monogrammed Muse from Neiman Marcus, and I do not know what size it is I am getting. There was only one option, for $1295. They call it the oversized Bugatti, I am really hoping that it is the one I have seen photographed. Has anyone ordered from there, or know the dimensions, the NM website says one set of dimensions and the operater told me another set.I would really appreciate any help. Thank you!
  2. I haven't ordered from them... But I believe that would be the XL....
  3. It's the XL or "oversized" version that you see most celebs carrying.
  4. Unsolicited advice but if you are fickle and think you might sell your bag eventually, I'd reconsider having it embossed! Not that you wouldn't have already considered that but throwing it out there anyway.

    And, yep, it's the Oversized.
  5. Yeahh...I agree. It's the same price I paid for my oversized Muse....without tax.
  6. Thank you for responding, happy to know its an oversized. I appreciate your advice, but I don't sell my bags..though I should to make some room in my closet! I think the monogramming is kind of a cool touch. Do you guys love your bag? Do you find it too big?
  7. I do love my Oversized. I'm tall-ish (5'7.5") and not in any way petite and I love how it looks on me. It's *meant* to look oversized so I like it even on the petite girls. I definitely don't carry this bag over my shoulder, I always carry it by hand, and I don't find it too heavy that way.

  8. Hi Daisy :flowers: ! I'm about your height and also not in any way petite. Can the straps of the oversized Muse go over your shoulder? I've only seen the large but thinking of getting the oversized. I will most probably also carry it in my hand or crook of my arm but would like the option of wearing it on my shoulder as well. Thanks!
  9. I know there are many people who like the oversized but I tried it on last weekend and I thought it wasn't at all flattering. I prefer the medium or the smallest size - it fits over your shoulder comfortably. The reason I didn't like the oversized was partially because I felt like it drew attention to my hips, and I'm smaller on top. It looked more like a piece of luggage than a purse to me. But I'm sure it looks good on others.
  10. I'm not Daisy, but I will chime in. Yes, the oversized Muse can fit over the shoulder. I have both the large and the oversized (and the medium as well) and I don't notice much of a difference on the strap length between all three sizes. None of the bags will fit comfortably over the shoulder with a winter coat on though. They will work with a light coat however.

    I think the bag looks much chicer when carried either in the crook of the arm or by the hand. I will wear my Muses over my shoulder on occasion, but I find that they get a little smooshed when worn on the shoulder. You just don't see the beauty of the bag as much when it is smooshed underneath your armpit, against your side.

    In terms of wearability, I think the large is more manageable than the oversized is. If I have to carry a lot of stuff with me, I will use my oversized. But, I often do a lot of walking during the day (I'm in NYC) and if I'm on the run, the large is much easier to run around with. I don't think you can go wrong either way though. It really depends on what you individual needs are in regards to what size works best for you.
  11. Angstofgumby, thanks! I'm a big bag girl so I think oversized would be the one for me. Have to see it IRL first.
  12. hi im 5'3 and the bag looks good on me (oh yeah im overweight too...hahaha), and i carry it over my shoulders because its too big to just hold the straps. enjoy the bag its beautiful!
  13. I'm 5'4 and I have the oversized chocolate. I think the oversized is really the best size in this bag. That's the reason you see all of the celebs carrying it. In the shorter sizes it changes the shape of the bag and makes it look squat and odd - not flattering at all in that shape bag. The medium and large just don't have the umph that the oversized has. Go big!!!!
    I wear my XL on my shoulder mostly - but sometimes on the crook of my arm.
    Let us know how you like it when it arrives!
  14. I have been lurking around the forums that have been discussing the muse handbags; and had never heard of them until a couple of weeks ago by the muse threads. It made me very interested in the handbag because I too am a designer handbag fan so I ordered the XL muse in chocolate based on this forum. Right now I am out-of-town so the bag should be at home waiting on me when I get back today. My size is 5'4" and size 6. Based on the comments here I should enjoy the handbag.
  15. ^^I can't wait to hear what you think! I'm exactly your size and that's the Muse I have if it makes you feel any better!
    I'm sure you will fall in love with it! So tell us -what made you choose the Muse over all of the other handbags on this forum?