need yr help to find a bag/wallet or both for my mom?

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  1. hey all, i am a guy and i wan to buy my mom from LV to thank her for all her yrs to putting me thru school..i dun know ANYTHING abt ladies bags/wallet or both and i need yr help..:yes:...

    1. she likes to carry bags on her arms and on her shoulder
    2. she only 5'8
    3. she 70 yrs old and still agile
    4. she use long wallets

    .. she have never had nice bags and thot i surprise her..:flowers:
  2. That's very thoughtful of you. How much money are you thinking about spending?
  3. hhmm... about 1 grand..:yes:
  4. Does she carry alot?
  5. ~Aawww... you're too SWEET;)I know you want to surprise her but have you consider that you want to bring her to LV and just show her all the eye candy? My mom is 70 and when my brother asked me to get her a LV bag...I did that-guess what? I had to return the bag and finally, brought my mom to the LV store. She got to choose the bag that she wanted, though it wasn't easy:p:sweatdrop:My advice to you-if you can, let her browse through either eLux or LV website first before going to the actual LV store. Good luck!!! You got a great mom there.~
  6. How about mono Petit Noe (shoulder bag) or Alma (hand-held)? I think these are classic and both are under $1000. :yes:
  7. what a nice son you are! how about a gift card so she can go and pick out from all the beautiful bags they have.
  8. I hope my sons are as adorable as you!

    I own the Bagnitolles Horizontal and LOVE it BUT it does not zip so I would not by it for Mom. She will be too nervous about it not closing.

    For a shoulder bag, the Cabas Piano. Very traditional and classic.

    For a hand held bag - either the Speedy 30 or Alma.

    Please do let us know what you decide!
  9. mono pochette wallet and neverful pm or mm?
  10. she might also like the horazontal lockit
  11. heheh..i am just tryign to show her my love for her,,she will not accept the gifts if she know the actual cost...;)
  12. I'm a mom - what a kind son you are! My favorite LVs are the Mono Speedy 30 (and you could get her a wallet to go with it), or the Damier Alma - which is beautiful too!
  13. What about something in mom loves that line and she's 69. Whenever I show her almost anything in Epi she loves it. Since she likes shoulder bags maybe the Madeleine? I showed that bag to my mom today because I'm thinking of getting it and she loved it!! Just throwing in an idea.