Need your valuable opinion on this.....

  1. Hi everyone!
    I am trying to decide on a bearn wallet.. I know there are many posts about this. Should I get long or compact? There are not many pics of the compact one.. My DH wants to get me one for the holidays!!!!! But i cant make up my mind:girlsigh:Please advice....
  2. Are you planning to use it with a bigger handbag or a smaller one?
    Do you need lots of credit card slots or just few?
    There are 2 versions of the long, bifold & trifold, the trifold has twice the credit card capacity
    I would go with compact if using with smaller handbags ie kelly25 28 & go with the long for bigger handbags kelly 32 35,birkin 30 35
  3. I have the long and I prefer it. I highly recommend the Bearn, such a beautiful and useful wallet.
  4. Thank you ladies. I mostly have smaller bags since I am small, do you know how many slots in the compact?
  5. The compact has four credit card slots & 4 long slots, the long 5 & 4. You should take a look in our Hermes subforum : Everything about agendas & Wallets
    Lots of information, but beware, after looking I want an agenda!!!:nogood: