Need your thoughts on these 2 bags...epi black

  1. Alma or Petit (or larger sized) Noe....I'm a SAHM and this will be my first LV. I was so set on the alma, then tried on the noe (which I didn't think I would like, but did). I must admit that I love the style of the alma, but I'm not sure about everyday use. So, the noe would probably be more practical. What do you all think? Thanks for your suggestions!

  2. If you think the Noe would be more practical than go for that.

    Personally, I prefer the Alma. :girlsigh:
  3. iv got the noe and i love it! i got a great bargain on eBay.
    its a total work horse. but it still looks chic
  4. Alma :smile:
  5. Noe !
  6. I prefer Alma... but if you are going to use it more casual get the noe.. alma is little bit classic looking then noe...
  7. Alma for sure. More classic.
  8. I love the Alma in every way. I hate digging around th bottom of a purse to find things - like in the Noe.
  9. I vote for Alma!! I am a SAHM too and I use my almas all the time. I love how they hold everything and I fit so much and it always looks so chic. It truely is a classic bag!
  10. You find it's ok with the alma for casual looks, but just not VERY casual (as in sweatshirt & jeans)? Hmmm, I'm so torn & wish I could afford both; perhaps both if I purchased pre-owned, but I'm just dying to go to a boutique & also get heat stamping. Keep those opinions coming!
  11. I love the Alma -- soo gorgeous and classic! And the epi is so durable and perfect for a SAHM.
  12. Alma....I'm not a noe lover, especially in epi.
  13. The Noe is an awesome bag! I didn't think I'd like it at first either, but now it's easily my favorite!

  14. amytude, i have the black epi alma, and if you want my opinion, it's SUPER easy to wear with casual looks. ironically, i find that no matter how dressed up or down i can be, the bag still looks great and actually makes the entire outfit look that much better. be forewarned though. you will get a few stares and wandering eyes every now and them from people who wonder about what it is you're actually carrying ;)

    all in all, i say go for the alma! it'll be your wardrobe's best friend! :tup:
  15. I have both, well petit epi noe and mono Alma, close. You are going to love which ever one you buy. Alma is much smaller but you could live in a Noe. In fact there is an adorable photo somewhere here with a precious baby sitting in one! Alma is easy to find stuff in, Noe - not so much. Noe is much more casual and can be used open to be sloppy or closed and so elegant. If the Alma is overfilled it looks awful, Noe looks fine full to the brim. How are you going to use this bag? If as combination mom/baby bag then get the Noe for sure. If as your personal bag with no toys, snacks etc then the Alma would probably be large enough.