Need your thoughts on epi pont-neuf vs. alma...

  1. LF black with PH; the LV store near me hasn't had a pont-neuf to try out. If you could only get one, which would you choose? I'm a mom of 2 little boys with classic tastes. Anybody have both of these to compare one to the other? I know you can attach the strap to the alma, can you also use it with the pont-neuf? Your thoughts would be much appreciated...thanks!

  2. epi pont-neuf, in manderin or the new iovrie Drools
  3. I was also thinking pont-neuf in mandarin is soooo wonderful, but I'm new to LV & haven't seen the mandarin in person. So, for now, black only, but which of these 2 styles in black? I'm leaning towards alma, maybe I could get the pont-neuf in mandarin at a later date??
  4. id go with the alma. the mandarin has been discontinued so it might be hard to get hold of
  5. I love the is classic imo.
  6. Alma! Very classic...
  7. I'd prefer the Pont Neuf because to me this looks more "Classy" than the Alma. The Alma to me is a more every-day bag, so it's more a "classic". And I say the pont neuf is more "classy" in relative terms only, and for this question alone. I can see my self rocking it at work, rather than the alma...but that's just my opinion if I had to choose between these 2.
  8. I love the Alma ! It's very pretty aswell, Plus big bags are great :smile: Anyway which ever you choose don't forget pics!
  9. the pont neuf. the alma is a classic but i find the pont neuf to be really unique and practical. the shape is great i think.
  10. I vote for Alma!!! My new love!! I think it's awesome in Epi and Mono and Damier!!!! Here's a pic to sway you. LOL!!

  11. I've seen both side by side at the boutique a while back... I LOOOOOVED the Alma more.
  12. I adore the Alma! Gorgeous!
  13. *whispering* "Get the Alma, get the Alma"

    LOL!!!! I am bad, I'm such an enabler!!
  14. Alma!
  15. Alma! :heart: