Need your suggestion to help me decide

  1. Do you all think $1280 is a good price for a medium black Matelasse bag? If I get this one, then I might have to give up a 05 black city, which might be little less in price wise. I really can’t decide now, I love both of them, but really don’t need 2 black.

    Please, what do you all think?
  2. Is the bag in good shape? If it is that seems like a good price.
  3. Are you absolutely positive you want to give up your black '05 city?
  4. They're both different but I'm leading towards the city bag b/c it's such a unique chic looking bag and you know it's a Balenciaga bag! But which bag do you love more?
  5. i would prefer the city than the metalasse.
    if i want a quilted bag, i'll go for chanel or marc jacobs stam
  6. I wouldn't keep 2 blacks, that's just me. Keep the City.
  7. 1280 is a good price on a matelasse if it's in good shape. You've got a tough choice to make. They're both gorgeous bags!
  8. Yeah, it's a good price, but I'm not sure it's worth giving up the black city.
  9. I agree with seahorseinstripes that if you want quilted bags, the Chanel and MJ bags are very pretty =) I love the City bag!

  10. I also agree (I'd go Chanel). Quilted iconic to Chanel, the City style iconic to Bbags.
  11. Keep the City for sure...
  12. black city
  13. I'd keep the city. if you can afford it- get the matelasse in one of the the colors!
  14. I would keep the city !!