Need your suggestion on what color day to get?


Which color day should I get?

  1. Plomb

  2. Mastic

  3. Ocean Blue

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  1. Right now I really want a Day--the only problem is what color. I'm currently deciding between mastic, ocean blue, and plomb. I wear a lot of darker/raw jeans and I'm afraid of color transfer, which is why I'm leaning towards the plomb. However, only ocean blue and mastic are available for less than retail right now. Should I wait around for plomb to show up? I like all three colors? What's your fav. color out of the three for the day? Thanks!

    And I'm up for other suggestions too!
  2. I vote for plomb because if you're worried about color transfer then its the better option and it will be very versatile... and if its what you think too then you should wait... no point in getting something just because its cheaper coz you'll end up regretting it (believe me, I've had lots of experience with bargains!)

    however, having said that the day is not that long... depending on how tall you are so the color transer shouldnt be a problem right? no wait, it does hit the top of your hips doesnt it?... geez I'm no help am I???

    good luck!
  3. I vote Mastic! It will be the best contrast to your dark's not too light so color transfer shouldn't be a problem.
  4. I would get either Mastic or Ocean Blue!:tup: Hope you find the one you love, Feifei87!:yes:
  5. mastic! I had a blueberry, and it was too similar to jeans, I wanted more contrast, and I'm afraid Ocean would be like that for you.
  6. I'm 5'5 with a shorter upper body. where would the day come on me? Thanks for all the suggestions!
  7. oh and do these colors get dirty easily? I plan to use it as an everyday bag.
  8. also, what's your opinion on the vert fonce (dark olive)?
  9. vert fonce would have gotten my vote if it had been on there. I love the mastic, but I wouldn't rely on it as an everyday bag because it is a color I would want to be more careful with.
    I love the day bag in earth tones and vert fonce is a very sophisticated, versatile color IMO and would look fabulous in the day.
  10. I voted for Plomb!
  11. I voted plomb...its a wonderful color....easy to coordinate with, easy wear and most importantly its your first choice in color. Don't the long run you'll most likely end up with your first choice eventually but in between spent more $ on colors and items because they were less $. Good Luck!
  12. hmm...maybe i should just get black since it would coordinate with most things/it's close to plomb--just darker. that and my only true bigger black purse is a nylon longchamp tote. Thoughts? Thanks.
  13. I vote plomb too, I would be horrified if I got color transfer on the mastic.
  14. i wish you had listed vert fonce!! i love the color - i have a mini coin - it's gorgeous, goes with everything and all of the leather i have seen is beautiful and thick. plomb is also nice, someone just posted a gorgeous bag recently. mastic would make me nervous with all of the raw and dark denim you say you wear... and ocean, while really gorgeous, is too close to jeans.

    plomb or vert, both great choices :tup:
  15. Given a choice between 3 colors that I love equally, I will always pick the one that is the least maintenance. Usually that means it's the darkest one. So, I voted plomb!!! You won't have to worry as much about every little dirt mark, handles darkening, etc. Plomb would make for a very cool-looking Day!