Need your sincere advices!

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  1. Hi girls,
    well it's a long time I'm lurking on this forum, read a lot of posts and sometimes also leave comments. I also asked for some tips about what to buy in the past comparing LV and Chanel... ok, now this is the situation!
    I have the willing to buy a Chanel bag but I'd prefer not to spend more than 900 euro, something like 1000/1200 dollars, not more. That money is half of my savings, I still live with my parents so I don't need them to live and eat but I'm a bit sad to see half of savings go away, I hope you understand. From the other point of view, this year I took my degree and I haven't yet bought a gift for my self, neither for my b-day and Christmas. And I love Chanel so much and it would be my first item (and only one for some years probably!).
    So I think I would like to get a East/West bag (A28598) in caviar, black (maybe cambon line is cheaper but I prefer something more classical).
    It's ok for my budget and it's something I will use forever.
    What would you do if you were in my shoes? I mean, for those of you that cannot buy all the stuff they wish, do you think you were going to buy the bag the same or not in my situation?
    Plus, most of my shoes are high quality (Tod's), but I have mainly low cost cloths from Zara or Benetton or other similar italian brands. Do you think that a Chanel bag looks not matching with that look? I hope you understand what I mean... I don't want to look ridicolous!
    So now I'm crossing my fingers that Chanel boutique will be open next Friday, I have only that free day as it's holiday to go there.
    Thank for your attention and sorry if I wrote such a long and silly topic, I just need to vent and to know if there is someone else in my same condition or not?
  2. Also... where you afraid the first time you went into Chanel? Is it okay if I wear my Speedy 25, my beige Woolrich, cute jeans and Tod's black sneakers....
  3. I would definately get the east-west. It is a goreous and very versatile bag. The cambon pochette was my first Chanel. I purchased it about three years ago and even now I find it a little juvenile looking.

    As for your wardrobe, I'm one of those girls who buys cheap and has the bag "make" the outfit. I also buy less expensive clothes b/c I know they get worn out easier, whereas a bag you can take care of it and have it longer and to save more money to buy more bags! haha I don't think it matters what clothes you were, as long as you feel confident! Carrying a Chanel does not mean you have to wear similar high-end brands! I live in lululemon and other yoga-ish style clothing.

    You can carry whatever you want in the Chanel boutique. If they don't give you excellent customer service regardless, take your money and spend it at another boutique!

    Happy shopping!
  4. You will absolutely not look silly wearing a Chanel handbag w/ casual clothes.
    I wear mroe casual than yours I think and I carry my chanels everyday.
    I wear lots of gym clothes because I don't have time to change or I'm in jeans and a stretch tee most days.
    Don't feel weird about walking into/shopping at Chanel.
    The more confident you are, the more helpful tehy'll be.
    I think SA's can pick on up people being nervous and try and give them some space, contrarily, making that person feel ignored :sad:

    They are employess, just like everyone else, they're not as judgemental as people expect ;)

    I think an E/W flap is a great choice, or even a Petit Shopping Tote.

    BTW, I LOVED Venice on our vacation, we also visited Murano and Burano:heart:
  5. I'd say you deserve a new bag, and the East-West is a great choice. You can't go wrong with any of the Classic Flaps. I always wear my Chanels with non designer clothing. I just don't get into the designer clothes as much.
  6. Wow, you had the RIGHT words...!! Thank you so much, you know, I told only about the intention of buying a Chanel bag to a friend (don't say anything about the money, I did here just because you don't know me in real life) and she didn't like the east west because of the quilting!!! :Push:
    I used to think it's not matter the brand of cloths and it's important the way you look, I'm happy there is someone else who think so! :yes:

    Thanks Blushingbaby!! :heart:

  7. You found the point!! Here in Italy (don't know if it is the same in your countries??) there are some store where the SA are soooo judgementals!!!!
    Once I entered in a shoes store ( Gucci, Dior and Fendi and so on, expensive shoes) to buy a pair of Gucci sneakers. They totally ignored me. Two SA was totally into another customer, I was there standing for a "may help you?" but nothing. I also asked to the man at the cash, in the end there wasn't anyone else in the store!! But he told me to wait for the other SA. I waited a bit and then I went away, I felt soooo humiliated!!!! :s
    The same happened to me in another cloths store in the center of Treviso.
    Now I avoid those two stores!!! Maybe in Venice SA are more used to deal with people because of the huge number of tourists... let's hope!! My only one experience in a very high street boutique was at LV and they were so sweet! I hope it's the same! In the end they just want my money, don't they?? LOL
  8. Thanks Tammy!!! If I'm not wrong you've recently bought a E/W in red, haven't you?? It was gorgeous!!
  9. Amen and Amen!:yes:
  10. You're absolutely, right, Alice, that was me! And I wear it all the time was my Gap jeans:shame: .
  11. May I ask you what fits the bag? I need to put my wallet, two mobile phones, eventually lipstick (small), keys and paper tissues... maybe I can use something different from a wallet to gain space
  12. Hi Alice, east-west is a great choice! what color are u thinking? anyway, I think you could try using a credit card case for cash and other cards? also...sometimes when I'm using my smaller bags, I just stash my cards and cash into the compartments in the bag. maybe you could try that?
  13. I just wanted to say that I thought your post was adorable and you definitely deserve your bag!
    East west is a great choice if you can fit what you like to carry in it. don't be bashful to put your stuff into it in the store and see if it holds everything.
    BTW, I always wear my Chanels with jeans and casual clothes! No worries there.
    Have fun when you shop! Don't feel intimidated at all
  14. East-west is such a fabulous bag. I've been tempted to get one for myself.:love:
  15. Alice, can't wait to see pictures of your new Chanel!!! You're going to have soooo much fun shopping!!!