need your prayers (and to vent a little)

cherry pie

Jan 13, 2007
sorry if this is long but im kinda upset and need to vent.
i also need everyones prayers.
my uncle was taken into hospital about 2 months ago with bladder stones and when they went to remove them they found tumors in his bladder that turned out to be cancer. next they did a scan and found them in his prostate and urinary tract too and it turned out these are the secondary tumors form cancer in his lungs that he did not know about. he had 2 rounds of chemo to try and ease the discomfort he was in but tomorrow they are having to amputate his foot because the chemo caused blood clots and he has had no pulse in his foot or ankle for a week now and gangreen is setting in.
he has benn like a second father to me over the last few years and i am so hurt by seeing him suffer like this. he is staying strong and his strong faith is helping but it is no comfort too me.
please keep him in your thoughts tomorrow for his operation. his chances are very slim.
Nov 8, 2006
dear cherry pie,

i'm so sorry to hear about your uncle. it's very difficult to go through something liek that especially when you are close to them. many hugs and sending you and your uncle all the good vibes and wishes.

Blair Waldorf

Aug 15, 2006
I'm so sorry, cherry pie. This must be so hard for you. I will definitely pray for you and your uncle. I'm glad that his faith is keeping him strong, and that he has a niece who loves him. I hope the operation goes well. HUGS!