need your opoinion ladies.

  1. so, ladies...these are pics of me and my chanels, do you think the baby coco cabas would look gigantic on me? i'm about 5'6, but fairly skinny, like sz 0 to sz1 ish. it's unlikely that iw il get to try on the coco cabas, since toronto sucks...and it's quite likely that i will be able to get the blk caviar coco cabas, and if i was to purchase it, return is not really an option cuz of the shipping cost of sending it back. so, i'd like to be as sure as i can without seeing and trying on the coco cabas irl...what do you think?



  2. i just posted on the ref. library about how tiny you were! i had a feeling you were a 0ish lol i think the baby cabas would look great on you!!
  3. thanks skinny, i've never hage a big bag before, but loved how some of the other members looked in their cabas. hopefully it will look good on me too.
  4. Yeah, no question it will look good on you. I need a big bag with all the junk I carry around lol...i have been really wanting a baby cabas too but i love all the colors lol...don't know which one i would get!! Have you seen the pics kittenslingerie has posted w/her cabas? should check them out.
  5. I'm a size 0 and slightly shorter than you.. about 5'5 :shame:

    Hope the pics with my white baby cabas helps.. :yes:


  6. thanks for the pics! looks great on you

    i've never had a big bag before, wondering if i would feel comfortable w/ it.
  7. You will look fabulous with the baby cabas. Big, but smooshy.
  8. I'm your size and shorter than you, 5'2" (of course I am always wearing some sort of heel, wedge though.) I love my baby cabas! Go for it!
  9. I say it will definately be fine, just don't get the white. The white makes the bag look really large on a skinny frame IRL. I have the navy now and it looks completely normal on, just like a nice big bag. I posted a pic of the navy compared to the white for you below. Your outdoor hobo is about the same width as the baby cabas. As for the large original size, too big for you IMO. :yes:
    coco.jpg navycabas.jpg
  10. Happie_berrie, I take back my opinion of the white cabas being too big on a skinny frame. It looks absolutely stunning on you, you wear it well!!! :sweatdrop:
  11. I love big bags. I am in search of a white cabas. Any leads? Or am I too late?
  12. i LOVE big bags on skinny people :yes:
    u should go for the baby cabas! i'm 5'4" and 85lbs, and i'm getting the coco cabas vinyl :p
  13. thanks kittens, you ladies all look awsome in your coco cabas.
  14. I think the Cabas will be perfect on you!
  15. Its perfect for ya!Im about 5'6 and one 1/2....looks great sizewise on me