Need your opion!!! Accessories with my Chocolate Gallery Tote???

  1. Hi,

    I finally have my Chocolate Gallery Tote ( see avatar ) and was wondering what would look cute with it key chain...etc???
    Any ideas??? Tks ;)

    p.s.: I just have to say it again : THE BEST purchase ever :tup:
  2. i think the gold koi fish charm will look gorgeous on it!!

    i LOVE the chocolate coaches, they are so yummy...
  3. tks ;)
  4. How about the lion keyfob or the new embossed apple keyfob? I think they will look good as well w/ your chocolate tote.
  5. all the will be hard to chose :p
  6. I was going to suggest the koi charm too--it looks great with everything!! And I love brown and turquoise together, so I would think any of the turqouise charms would look cute on there too. Maybe the toucan?
  7. Im going to second the vote for the apple keyfob. Brown and red look so great together, and they are such great "fall" colors
  8. I think the apple would look good, as well as the koi! Both are nice for fall!

    You have also made me want this purse.. I may get it instead of the Sig Stripe Tote!!
  9. How about the brass/khaki signature/gold heart? I got mine at the outlets and it looks REALLY nice w/ chocolate signature and brass hardware!!!!
  10. It is very pretty, thank you for the sugestion, but, I thinks I'd like something that is a bit more colorfull :smile:
  11. I agree with the other posters on all charm choices, and I also suggest a scarf w/the tote. I have a black/white signature stripe tote and it looks really nice with a scarf knotted and hanging from one of the straps on the front of the bag. I think the width of the tote works well with a scarf. One of the legacy striped, the lighter brown optic C, or any with some nice rich fall colors would look fabulous.:tup:
  12. What about one of the initial chams to symbolize someone or something you love? I have the J and M charms on my new Chelsea hobo to symbolize my children's first names (and also MY INITIALS!!! LOL) I dont do "colorful keychains" on my bags though b/c that would attract WAY TOO MUCH attention to my bags FROM MY KIDS and I dont want them touching my bags!!!! STEP AWAY FROM THE BAG!!!!!!!! :p
  13. LOVE this idea! Thank you...:yes:
  14. My chocolate Carly loves her lion. :smile:
  15. I just got this bag for PCE...I may post on what was a long story, but I just LOVE her!! I am going to be trying for the wallet to match...but if you want a key fob, I vote for the gold koi fish.:yahoo: