Need your opinons,pls!

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  1. Do you think they will look good together?Thanks in advance!

    True Religion Julie Disco Big T in Dark Lovestruck


    And these pair of sandals

  2. No I think the jeans are flashy enough. JMO though!
  3. I think it would look hot with a plain top.Nothing to flashy for a top because then it would be too much.
  4. They look hot together!:tup:
  5. Too flashy IMO.
  6. #6 Jul 4, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 4, 2009
    Three more choice.Which ones you will pick to match with those sandals.Any other suggestions will be appreciated!

  7. would the ankle strap even show? If the jeans are too tight around ankles there could be a problem getting over all that jeweled stuff on the ankle.
  8. I love the grey! think those would be great with the sandals!!
  9. I think you could pull it off but like they said above, a less flashy top.
  10. I'd go with the grey, more understated.
  11. I like the original pair you posted. And I think they would look HOT together!
  12. I love the gray the best, but you would have to try them on together, they might be too long to accentuate the killer shoes.
  13. I like the grey pants the best with those shoes. Just make sure your tops really basic!
  14. Dress those gorgeous sandals down with the grey pair you posted; dress them up with black waxed skinnies :tup:
  15. I love those Balmain-esque shoes. Where are they from??

    Also, I think any of the other choices you posted are better b/c the contrasting seams in the original are just a little too much to go with the sandals.