Need your opinons asap!!!

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  1. I'm thinking of getting the Chloe paddington large tote in a light blue color, put the lock on this paddington looks tarnished and the store had 2 and they were both the same. I think its the look? is that true?
    whats do you feel about this purse anyways? love it hate it? its $1900

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  2. Tarnished? Do you mean the color is like a bronzey-gold instead of a straight up gold? That's how it's supposed to be (in case you haven't seen a Paddy IRL before) but I'm not sure if that's what you mean. What store was this from?
  3. its silver not gold i saw the gold locks too and its fine but the silver looks dirty.
  4. I definitely don't hate, it is beautiful. If you like large bags, like I do go for it! I'm not a White/Ivory kind of bag person but, did you see this one available at Neimans :love: ?!
  5. Ohh.. you're talking about the Mousse color with the silver lock. I do know what you mean, it looks..... tarnished? lol I always noticed it in pics and then I saw the bag IRL on Sunday and it looks that way too. I would guess that it's intentional since every pic I've seen looks that way.
  6. i sure did but this bag is very casual looking so i want it to be a darker color so i don't mind getting it dirty....... but back to the lock issue??? i've never seen paddingtons before this is my first time is it suppose to look a little used?? not a shiny new silver?
  7. look closely at this lock. you see it looks like theres water stains on the lock or something?? thats what i ment.

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  8. yup it's supposed to look like that (water stains on the metal) .......they want to make it look antique-ish......
  9. I saw that bag in Nordstroms and it is so big and makes such a bold statement....I love it!
  10. now my second question will be... what season is this bag from? they one i'm eyeing is a light blue i think it might be called jean but not sure and it has that water stained lock hardware.
  11. Jeans moyen would be spring 06? I think..

    But doesn't that have the brass hardware, not silver?
  12. I think the blue jeans color is great for that style. I'm not a big fan of it in whiskey. I think it's a bit much but for the blue or blanc, I think it is very lovely.
  13. The jeans moyen was an early spring color and has the brass lock. The mousse (which some people see as a light blue grey, others as a green grey) has the silver lock. Mine has the spotting, looks like stainless steel to me, almost. I believe it is supposed to be that way.
  14. I only saw the black one in Nordstrom today. Did you see any other color available for this paddy shopping tote? If so, may I ask which Nordstrom is? Thanks a lot;)
  15. thanks i assume its the mousse color then. so what season is this color from? is it still new or older?
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