Need your opinions!!!!


LV Epi Speedy or Chanel East-West bag?

  1. LV Epi Speedy in red

  2. Chanel East-West bag in red caviar

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  1. I want a red bag. I just want it! So, I am torn between LV Epi Speedy in Red and Chanel's East-West bag in Red Caviar. I have the Chanel one on hold for me, so I just have to call and pay for it if I want it. And I am sure LV Speedy is available at the boutique here.

    I LOVE both and I know that Chanel East-West is more difficult to find but I think it's more of a going out bag, which I don't do much as of lately, so it would be just a waste of money. Plus, I do have a Classic Flap in black caviar already and I love it to pieces. LV, on the other hand, would be used every day (work and casual play), so I would get a lot more use out of it. But I do have two Speedies already (black Epi and Damier 25).

    Again, I love both but I can't have both. So, which one would you have chosen???? Sorry, I don't have pics. If someone can share theirs, I would appreciate it very much!!!!

    Thank you!!!!
  2. Tough choice. Both bags are fabulous. Since you said you don't go out as much maybe the red epi Speedy is the better choice. I have one and I use it quite a bit.
  3. Tough choice - I love both bags!

    The Speedy is more practical if you need a day bag, but I love the Chanel flaps. I have a white medium one, and am hoping to pick up a red East-West at some point too! I voted for the Chanel, esp since you have 2 Speedies already.