Need your Opinions

  1. Do you think the new Giant hobo would look nice in argyle? I need a brown bag...
    Here's a link to ateliernaff's pics of the giant day in argyle and the giant hobo in white to help you decide.

    atelier.naff: Géant ou pas?
  2. I REALLY like that color!
  3. Oooh yes, very nice!
  4. I think argyle is a very neutral brown. One of those "non" colors. Like the Lilac 03.
  5. Very nice, very match with GH
  6. Argile is so pretty, looks like mocha! I have my eyes on this one too.
  7. I think it would look great, shushopn! I love this color and am counting the days till it comes out! :nuts:
  8. :yes:

    The argyle is such a great colour IMO!
  9. yup i think i'd look fabulous :smile:
  10. Thanx guys!! I just needed some reassurance!
  11. Yes, it's definitely a nice color, shushopn...
  12. yeah I like it and i think it will b easy to match that color.
    esp wif jeans
  13. I really love the style. It's not as long and droopy looking as the day. Does anyone have this bag yet? If so could you please post pictures of the new Giant Hobo. My Mom is getting one in sandstone, I think, but I'm still unsure if I want one. I love the bag, but not sure about the big gold.:confused1: