Need your opinions..which bag to choose???

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  1. Help Ladies and Gents which one to choose: The Galliera PM OR Black Mahina XS???

    Need to make up my mind by Monday!!!!
  2. I like Galliera ;)
  3. I vote for Mahina!
  4. Galliera PM or the Mahina GM. I'm just not a fan of the XS.
  5. Galliera PM, not a fan of the mahina xs if it was between the mahina XL and the Galliera then i would say mahina ... i just dislike the shape of the XS .. tried it on and it just didn't sit right
  6. Mahina!

    Although I too prefer the XL!
  7. both of them are beautiful!
    But If i have to choose, I think I vote Galliera PM!
  8. Black Mahina XS!!! Can you pick me one up too??? :drool:
  9. Galliera PM of course without a doubt.
  10. Mahina :shame:
  11. mahina :smile:
  12. between those two, I like the Galliera. I prefer the Mahina in XL.
  13. I prefer the Mahina! Love it's "coolness". The galliera is too unspectacular for my taste.
  14. Black Mahina for sure!
  15. I love the Mahina!