Need your opinions!!! What do you think? Did I get a good deal?

  1. So, this is the first Chanel jacket that I have ever bought. I found it at a consignment store earlier today. It has been worn by its original owner but still in great condition. I paid a little less than $400 USD with taxes for it.

    A little more about the jacket... It's a black boucle jacket with a hint of sparkle. Two front pockets. Silk lining...gorgeous!

    What do you think???? Do you like the way it fits me? Do you know how much it retailed for? How old is it?

    Thank you very much for your opinions!
  2. Ok, it worked!
    Jacket 1.jpg Jacket 2.jpg Jacket 3.jpg Jacket 4.jpg
  3. Yes, killer deal! I'm so jealous! I love it, it looks gorgeous on you. I've been looking for one of those on eBay but the pretty ones like that in neutral colors always go for over $800. Great find!
  4. holy cow that's one hell of a deal! ;)
  5. It looks great! Great deal. Do you mind me asking what size is the jacket and how tall r u?
  6. YES you got a great deal, and YES it fits you perfectly. I bought my mom a Chanel jacket last month on sale but I spent quadruple that :s
  7. Thank you!!!

    The size is 41 (I guess size 6-8 in USA). I'm 5'4".
  8. Thanks everyone!!!! I'm just not used to spending that much money on clothes... I hope I can wear it for many years... I have to dry clean it at some point, too, as it smells like perfume (not horrible, but I don't like it).
  9. looks great! congrats on the awesome deal!
  10. What a DEAL!!!! It looks great on you! Congrats!!! Soooo jealous!
  11. thats a great deal and its a great jacket....
    what area are you in ?
    for some reason I thought you were in my local area..MD-
  12. What an awesome deal!! Congrats!!
  13. Thanks! I'm in New York area. :smile:
  14. Congrats! You got a FANTASTIC deal. I never run across deals like that!
  15. What a wonderful and CLASSIC piece!! Congrats!! What a deal! Fits great too!!