Need your opinions..this is probably silly..

  1. So the only Hermes I own, thus far, is a Herbag (which I purchased from PF member Jill) and my question is, since it is the backpack version, it is meant to look like this:

    I've tried wearing it as above, but found I like carrying more as a handheld. Do you think it looks silly if I just carried it with the straps pulled in?

    I plan to visit Hermes SCP tomorrow to look at scarves and possibly wallets, but I don't want to look like an idiot if I walk in with the Herbag as in the second group of pics.

    All your feedback is appreciated and please be honest, I trust your opinions! Thanks for your time!
  2. the second set looks much cuter.
  3. ^^I think so too Itbag. Thanks for your input ;)
  4. I don't think that SAs would find it odd if you had tucked the straps in and were carrying it handheld. They would just assume that that was your personal preference -- there is a handle so that the bag can be handheld, after all!

    (PS. Jill sold some really nice bags to PF members!)
  5. I like it the second way, too. It's much cuter......
  6. Second way looks cute, and like a kelly!
  7. I love the way you carry it!
  8. I think either way would be fine, but it certainly looks more "pulled together" with the straps inside and out of the way. Very cute bag!!
  9. I have a Herbag too. The way i used it is as this:

    The longer version i use mainly with backpack straps.

    The normal version i use without the straps and just like a handbag. Although i do understand what u mean. It is much easier if u just pull the straps in when u want to handheld, then pull them out when u wanna do packpack.
  10. I agree!
  11. I love the way you tucked the straps in - great idea!
  12. Would it look bad if you took the backpack straps off and wore it by hand only...I always wondered if people did that too???
    AMkur-I would ask the Hermes people in the store..they would be able to tell you their opinions on how to wear it and they may have othere ideas as well!! Enjoy it!
  13. Thanks for the opinions and advice everyone! I will wear it with the straps tucked in and also ask the Hermes SAs today what they suggest. Thank you!:flowers:

    (PS, I'm enjoying it Jill!)