Need your opinions! Leather on my Rouge Vif Work

  1. Hi ladies, need your opinion & advice here! After seeing how good the leather on everyone's new Rouge Vif is (and considering that I've been hunting for a '03 Red City ala Nicole Richie's for aaaaaages), I finally broke down and bought a Rouge Vif Work last week. It came home a few days ago and the color is absolutely stunning -- almost exactly what I wanted (well exactly would be Nicole's '03 color, but that's no longer available). But I'm one of those people who's super anal about the leather on B-bags (which explains why I couldn't bring myself to buy any of the spring/summer '06 color with the plastic-like, marbled leather) and am now getting picky about the leather on my brand new Rouge Vif Work. Type of leather is extremely important to me (as it's the #1 reason that drew me to B-bags in the first place), and I really really want the PERFECT leather red (if that is possible!)....with the leather being as close in quality to the '03 leather as possible.

    Now, below are photos of my Rouge Vif Work. The leather is thick and not plastic-like/marble-ly at all, thank God! The back of the bag has the EXACT type of leather I longed for -- so thicky and smooshy, distressed but not plasticky/marbly (I don't like completely-undistressed looks but can't stand marbled/plastic-like features either) really felt like the '03/'04 leather. HOWEVER the front of the bag is quite matte, perhaps too matte (?) -- the leather is still thick but it just feels stiff.....not as soft as the back....and somehow I'm just not totally in love with that leather on the front part. Is that leather difference (betw. front & back on the Rouge Vif) normal? Or is it just my bag? How does that matte leather age? Will it soften up with use and be more like the leather on the back? Or do I need to apply AG/other leather conditioners?

    I've been so on the fence about this leather that I've even contemplated returning it or selling it....and getting on the list for the City (is the leather on the Rouge Vif City bags better?). But I know the Rouge Vif Work is already becoming a rarety even this early in the season, so I don't know if I'll regret giving this baby up over the leather on the front of the bag (most people probably love that type of leather, but somehow I'd love it more if it were less matte & a bit more distressed like the back). I would love the opportunity to exchange it for another one but no stores in the US currently have any more Rouge Vif Work's (or the City) in stock.

    What do you ladies think I should do? Am I being overly demanding about the leather? Should I just give up my dreams of finding a '06 Rouge Vif with the '03 type leather (or just accept a compromise in between)?
    RougeVif_WORK0007.JPG RougeVif_WORK0004.JPG RougeVif_WORK0005.JPG RougeVif_WORK0034.JPG RougeVif_WORK0035.jpg RougeVif_WORK0038.JPG RougeVif_WORK0039.JPG RougeVif_WORK0046.JPG RougeVif_WORK0030.JPG RougeVif_WORK0031.JPG
  2. Mine was stiff when i first got it. Ive been using mine non stop for a month now...its SUPER soft and slouchy. Just give it some time!
  3. I've already posted the difference between the new '06 rouge vif (also a work, bought last week) and the '03 red city - IMO I would say that in comparison to the '06 rouge vif leather the '03 is smoother to feel. The '06 rouge vif is thicker but stiffer.;) :yes:
    112-1249_IMG.JPG 112-1250.1_IMG.jpg 112-1276_IMG.JPG 112-1274.1_IMG.jpg
  4. wow, i think that's one gorgeous bag & i'd keep it if i were you ;)...the truth of the matter is, these bags aren't meant to be perfect, you know (?) :shrugs:...just like all things in life, nothing's ever perfect, especially things like leather which isn't man-made...i'm sure there are a ton of girls would :heart: to take her off your hands :P
  5. Hi Foxy,
    I've chosen my Rouge Vif among a dozen of City Bags...and one of them was exactly like your work : thicky and smooshy in the back, and more distressed in the front...Some of the bags was more distressed than others (but I wouldn't say "veiny "like the SS06 leather that I also love because looks old).
    All was matte.

    So I think there is real variations in Rouge Vif leathers !!!
    But I think all were beautifull in their way !!! Nobody is perfect;) !!!
    But it's just my own opinion ...and of course I had luck to choose the one I prefered :love: ...

    If you really feel uncomfortable with your Work, maybe you could exchange with a perfect (back and front;) ) Work (if you're interested we still have some here) or City...or get a refund ...but I won't keep a new bag I don't love...
    I'm sure you'll found the perfect Rouge Work 06 or 03 !!!
  6. :love: If it were me, I'd keep that! It looks incredibly beautiful to my eyes. But you're the one who has to love it. And if the variation bothers you, then return it. But make sure you put it on hold for some other girls here who are looking for the Rouge Vif Work.:love:
  7. If you don't love it, return it for something you love.

    I personally love all bbags, but that's me. You have to do what's right for you.
  8. that's true ^^ :girlsigh:
  9. Hi foxy...I think your bag is gorgeous! I also have the rouge vif in the box style and I was able to choose from three of them when I purchased it. They were all very different - mine was definitely the smoothest and most like the older leathers, but like yours, one side is nicer than the other. All of the bags had flaws, which I guess is inherent to the Balenciaga leather. So, I think you should keep the one you have because it might be impossible to find one with perfect leather all around :flowers: Congratulations!!
  10. I think the leather on your bbag is very pretty. But I am pretty new to bbags in general. But from what I've read, I thought matte'd was good?
  11. Hi Foxy,
    When I first got my Rouge Vif First, she was rather dry and a bit matt. I used some Coach leather moisturiser on her, and that really helped soften her up. I've been using her for two weeks now, and that has also made a huge difference. The leather has really changed into a smooth, silky texture. I love her so much more now than I did when I pulled her out of the box. I think your bag is gorgeous. The leather on it looks a bit like how mine looked when she was new (although it's always hard to tell in a photo). I think that once you start to use your bag, you'll notice a big difference in the texture. That's part of the beauty of these bags -- I really believe they get better with wear.
    Good luck with your decision.
  12. I adore this bag...I need this bag...:love:
  13. Ladies, thanks for all the opinions so far....keep them coming! I'm going to think about this some more today and hopefully come up with a decision by tomorrow as to whether I should keep this Work. I tried another round of calling various stores nationwide yesterday in search of a substitute Rouge Vif Work and everywhere is sold out; Joseph at Bal NY said that they won't be getting any more Rouge Vif Work's (only the City's coming).
  14. foxy--that looks just like the leather on my ink city when I first got it! The back is distressed yet it's smooshy & thick, while the front is more smooth. While frequent use has soften both sides considerably (it slouches beautifully now and loss the early stiffness), the back side does feel softer to touch than the front side. It won't be the same...but I love it regardless. There's just waaayyy too many variations in leather texture in balenciaga bags, that I feel lucky even finding one like my ink city (or your rouge vif work). Personally, if it was mine, I will keep it.

    Do you only own older balenciaga bags? Because perhaps it's just the shock of the stiffness of this bag that shocks you... If it is, it will definitely soften over time with frequent use :yes:

    But do what makes you happy! If you're not going to love it, it's an expensive bag to just sit in the dustbag!
  15. If you really love the Rouge Vif Work, I would keep it. It doesn't seem like there are many if any left out there? I can't really tell by looking at your bag(your bag is gorgeous, btw!:yahoo: ), but if the front is nice and thick and just stiff, it will soften with use. :yes: After awhile of using it a lot, the bag will get soft and smooshy all over(front and bag). Maybe you can try using the bag with the front against you so the friction will help soften it up faster(I think there is a thread about this---about friction making bbags softer).