Need your opinions! Porte Valeurs Organizer?

  1. I was trying to pick a wallet (I like longer wallets) and was choosing between the pochette and the zippy. I really liked them, but they were very big. So, I was thinking of getting the Porte Valeurs Organizer as my wallet and using my cles as a change purse?

    What do you think? Will this work, or will in be awkward to have a separate wallet and change purse?

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    p10383244_ph_hero.jpg p10383244_ph_detail_02.jpg
  2. Great idea :smile:
  3. why not go for the mono or epi organizer, same idea but cheaper.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  4. I use my Porte-valeurs to put my Quo Vadis agenda and some other papers like restaurant tickets and more. Very usefull. Florence
  5. Oups ! Sorry I've made a confusion, I have a Porte-Cartes crédit Yen. It's not exactly the same.