Need your opinions -- Plum Mina -- pics!!!

  1. Brutal honestly is welcomed :p I can't decide on this bag. I reallly LOVE the plum elastic quilted...but I need your opinions desperately on how it looks on me. Please be honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The trim around the zipper is darker than the pictures (blends in with bag)
    I'll be posting a few of my bags right now...

    Please excuse the nasty hair!
    IMG_1466 [800x600].JPG IMG_1482 [800x600].JPG IMG_1491 [800x600].JPG IMG_1479 [800x600].JPG IMG_1492 [800x600].JPG
  2. I dont thnk its possible for an MJ bag to look bad on anyone!
  3. i agree with ^^. the bag looks great on you. the purple is absolutely gorgeous. i love that color. its so rich and i love it!
  4. Personally I think the bag is beautiful to look at but it looks a little big on your frame. I saw your other post of you with the Mayfair and I think that size looked perfect on you.

    But I have to agree that the plum color sure if gorgeous!
  5. I agree with Munchkin - my first thought in the second photo was the bag was huge! But then again I think I'm also a bit biased as well because I'm not too fond of the Mina!
  6. I'm not fond of the mina either, and I also think it's a bit big for your frame. My pick is the Mayfair!
  7. i love the plum colour! i don't think it's too big. how tall are you? choices choices choices hmmmmm mayfair, ines, mina, then camilla
  8. Well...I LOVE the color..but not the bag..(sorry!!) IMO it just 'hangs'..and it IS huge...I think it's the over all shape of the a trapezoid on a chain..mmmm..sorry..not a fan of this bag..BUT..remember all of our likes/dislikes are personal, so if YOU love it, then she's a keeper!!
  9. I think it looks gorgeous and I'm glad because I have one on the way. I only hope mine looks half as good on me as yours does on you. :tup:
  10. Honey-- I think this bag is a little too big for you but in the end it is your decision on what works for you. If it were a style that was a tad smaller I would say 100% rock out with it.. Just my opinion.. The other bags (especially the Ines- which is my favorite on you) look absolutely fabulous!!
  11. 1 - Do you like larger bags or do you usually buy smaller ones?

    I think the Mina is the perfect size bag and can hold as much as larger bags can w/o looking overly large and/or bulky. If you aren't used to larger bags, however, and tend to carry smaller ones, the amount of room the Mina has might be overwhelming.

    2 - Is this bag stuffed with tissue or do you have belongings in it?

    It looks a bit stretched out and flattened. My mina does not carry like that - it sorta collapses and doesn't look so long & stretched (see my Avitar). If the bag is full of tissue, take it out and put some things inside (i.e., your wallet, sunglasses, cell phone, keys, etc) - this will give you a better idea of how the bag carries and its true shape.

    3 - Do you have a Stam? If so, how do you like that bag? Do you ever carry it on your shoulder w/the chain?

    I think the Mina is very similar to the Stam (w/o the handles, of course). Compared to the Stam, they looks almost the same since the biggest difference is in the depth (which you can't see from the front). If you like the way the Stam looks on you, then you should like the Mina almost as much (if not more!)

    I love the color - I bought a Green Mina, but was hoping to find a Blue or Plum color instead - I think those jewel tones of the F/W Quilted Elastic series were some of the best colors MJ has ever produced!

    My vote is :tup::tup::tup:
    Maybe I'm prejudiced towards the Mina since I have one, but I really like it & highly recommend it (esp as a substitute for the Stam!!)
  12. I'm not liking the Mina very much either.... just seems a bit big for your frame, esp for a low hanging shoulder bag. I'd say keep the mayfair, ines, or camila.
  13. I agree with this post!
  14. It's not my style or size...but the color is amazing! Looks great on you.
  15. Honestly.. I agree that it looks a tad big on you. It also seems to hang a little low, and not hit in the most comfortable looking place. I think you should look for a different style in this plum color, though, because it's absolutely stunning.