Need your opinions, please!

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  1. I am looking to purchase a new bag. I have narrowed it down to either the Westminster GM or the Trevi PM. I am not sure the Westmister GM would be too big, I only tried on the PM. But, then I am nervous the PM will be too small.I have seen YouTube videos on the trevi and think the GM will be too big for me. I cannot decide but I am not near a LV to try either but have seen them before and I think I would be ok with either one....Or, I am open to hear another styles anyone likes. The only requirement is the bag needs to have a zipper top. Thanks!
  2. Any suggestions?
  3. What bags do you currently have?

    I would vote for Trevi. I think its a great size. Have you looked at the Evora? I think Trevi and Evora are gorgeous.
  4. I like Trevi and Evora, too.
  5. I have a speedy 30 mono, tivoli gm, Verona mm, popincourt haute and Thames gm. I was looking for something that I could carry on the shoulder and I am ot a huge fan of cross body bags.
    I am not sure if the Evora would be t:huh: big. The Tivoli and Verona I usually use when I am going out of town for a day to carry more items but they are a little too bi for every day use for me,
  6. You have a great collection.

    Definitely Trevi then. It's gorgeous and you can be more formal with it, or dress down (but not yoga pants). Haha Just kidding. Borrowing the yoga pant debate from another thread.
  7. what do you usually carry?

    i have the 3 mentioned...
    evora mm is the largest of the 3, and westminster gm is bigger than trevi pm.

    i'm a mommy of 2 so i have quite a few items to carry.
    evora mm is largest and can fit all my needs and even some extras too (kids toys and knick kacks).
    i find westminster gm to be tad small for my daily needs, i usually have to compromise and leave out some items (cancun pouch that has my rewards/gift cards, more than 1 diaper, smaller pack of baby wipes, my tous small case that has compact & small kabuki brush) but i still manage to fill it to the top.
    trevi pm is small, so i need to make even more compromises ... i need to carry a separate baby bag/ son's lil animal backpack to have diapers, wipes etc there.

    trevi pm is comfier to carry than westminster gm

    Currently trevi pm is my favorite among the 3. Its classy and elegant but not the comfiest bag to carry. i Love my trevi!!

    hth :smile: good luck choosing
  8. I think you should wait for Oct 1st when they release the Portobello. It would be a more comfortable shoulder bag with a zipper.
  9. I vote for the Trevi!
  10. The Trevi PM is lovely!