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  1. I am planning to buy another bag for my birthday this year and I have it narrowed down to one of two bags. Most days my Kelly fits everything I need but sometimes ( like if I am going to sit at the doctor's office, hair salon or when I am flying) I need to add a pashmina or cardigan and a book or a magazine. For a very long time I have wanted a Plume, however, (after being a member here for a while) I am also very drawn to the Bolide. I am trying to decide between a 32cm Plume or a 37cm Bolide. If you have both of these, which one do you prefer? Do the straps of the Plume fit comfortably over the shoulder? I like to have the option of carrying my bag on my shoulder if I need my hands free. Does the 37cm Bolide come with the shoulder strap like the Kelly? What is the best leather for each of these? I was thinking of Box if I got the Plume and Togo if I got the Bolide. I know I want the bag to be Rouge H but that is all I have decided. Any opinions and/or suggestions would be appreciated.:flowers:
  2. I think you might be able to put more things in a Bolide. It also is more convenient since it has a strap, in case you need it, especially when you're travelling and need to have both your hands for your travel documents.

    Now, regarding the color, I do like Rouge H more in box than togo. If you opt for a Bolide, then the box leather will give it a more formal look than slouchy togo.
  3. My suggestion would definitely be the bolide as well. I like the idea of having the strap for your needs.

    Rouge H is a very classy neutral.

    Good luck!
  4. the plume has more of a boxy shape/top and the bolide can be very open.....I love both styles actually! And rouge h -- I would try to see what is around....
  5. DG, I have the 31cm Bolide and never use the shoulder strap. I'm not sure that the 37cm even comes with one. Did you check? It might be very akward to wear a bag that large with the strap. It is so formed and rigid you might not like it. Sounds like you really need a 35cm Birkin. Obviusly the problem is you would like your hands to be free.
  6. How about a Massai, an LA Bag or a Whitebus for lots of room and hands-free?
  7. Here's my take after trying on lots of bags.

    Plume 32 Pros:
    Roomy w/o being too bulky
    extremely lightweight (good for travel)
    Cheaper than Bolide

    Can be overwhelming on a very small frame
    No shoulder strap and carried on the elbow or in hands

    Bolide 37 Pros:
    Extremely roomy
    cute clochette and lock
    shoulder strap
    Even unstuffed, a 37 in something like togo will be very heavy. Might not be manageable with all the things you're originally buying it to carry.
    -will be lighter in something like chevre, but then will end up rigide and not as roomy
    Can't go day-into evening as well as Plume 32
  8. Forgot to add, that I'd choose the Plume for your needs here. Or a Birkin 35, but only in Chevre. My togo is fine for my daily things but I just can't stuff it with too much.
  9. Another option is to carry your Kelly as your purse and just get a garden party 35 to throw in the extra stuff you need.
    Then you can get a smaller Plume or Bolide to use as a handbag when Kelly needs a rest.
  10. I'm probably in the minority here but between a Bolide 37cm and a Plume 32cm, I would go for a Plume 32cm. I think the Plume looks better in 32cm than a Bolide in 37cm, plus it can still hold a lot of things.
  11. Gosh that is a hard one since both are so beautiful. If I had to choose I think I would go with the Bolide since it seems that you'd be able to fit more in it. I'd love to have one in Togo. :flowers:
  12. Thank you all for your responses. :flowers: I really appreciate it. After reading through the thread I think I am leaning toward getting the Bolide. I don't know if I will be getting another Hermes bag after this one though so I really need to be sure before I put the card down. Your answers have really helped me.

    I do worry about it being awkward with the strap but I probably won't use it that often, I just like the have the option.

    I like the Massai but it isn't really my style. I think the White Bus is lovely too but, again, I can't see me using it. What does the LA Bag look like??
  13. ^this:yes:, then a 31 bolide.
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