Need your opinions PLEASE, help me pick 2 (or 3)


Poll is only for the wallet

  1. Mono Eugenie

  2. Vernis Koala in Pomme

  3. Other, please specify

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. I've set some funds aside for purchasing some LV's. Now I just can't seem to make up my mind. You know, with the price increase and all, got me nervous.

    I currently have a 20 y/o mono speedy which I use almost everyday and a mini looping which I hardly use.

    My background: 29 y/o health professional female with shoulder length hair who needs to dress up for work (business casual) but dress way down when off (cargo shorts with T-shirt). 5'2" 120 pounds.

    I have about $3000-$3500 in my budget now (and I swear I will be on a very very strict ban for a long while)

    Here are what I am debating, and I want a good variety of style and shape. I want to pick perhaps 2 (or 3) out of the following

    1. Damier Alma

    2. Epi leather Alma in black

    3. Beverly MM

    4. Beverly GM

    5. Mini lin Saumur in ebene

    6. Mono Lockit

    7. Mono Lockit Vertical

    For the wallet, I am also debating between the following. I need help to choose one

    1. Mono Eugenie

    2. Vernis Koala in Pomme

    3. Epi leather Koala in red

    Sorry about the long post, this is actually my first post on LV! I need your help please!! Thank you!
  2. oops, forgot I had Koala in red... for those who vote for epi Koala in red, please choose the 3rd option. Sorry... I don't know what I was thinking
  3. I definitely love the Mono Eugenie wallet, it's gorgeous. As for the bags, i like the Beverly, you should try them on at the boutique to see which size feels better for you. I also like the Alma, the Damier might be a good choice, I have the speedy in Damier and it's not super flashy and it's really lovely with the red. Lockit also looks cute, but I've never seen it in real life, so I dont know how it would really look...
    Hope this helps, good luck on your purchase(s)!
  4. I love the Eugenie wallet
  5. Pomme Koala & Mono Beverly MM
  6. have you looked at the zippy wallet?
  7. i like Epi leather Alma in black & Vernis Koala in Pomme :smile:. u can still get another item with your budget!
  8. The Beverly MM and Mono Eugenie are perfect matches!
  9. mono lockit+beverly gm, and pomme koala
  10. definitely!!!!!!! beverly (either size, im a fan of mm, but gm is equal) and eugenie! talk about matchy, love it ohh and maybe pickup a cles pomme?.
  11. 1. Alma in Damier-great all weather bag and very cute to boot.Then the Beverly mm It's a great looking shoulder bag with out being to big. Last I would say the Eugenie wallet. It will look great coming out of either bag. With left over money I would get a small mono agenda goes with both and keeps you on track. Good luck and happy shopping. By the way the Alma also looks great with a pair of dark jeans and a brown leather jacket. Thats how I wear mine.
  12. Thank you all so much for your input!!

    I am leaning towards Alma (still can't decide between Damier and black Epi) and Beverly (either PM or MM).

    As for wallet, I wanted the Koala so bad until I saw the Eugenie... Still so hard to choose.

  13. Zippy... actually I haven't, Now I remember someone posted a pic with her newly purchased chain (for Accordeon wallet) on the Zippy to use as a wristlet. I will need to go to the boutique to look at it myself. Thank you for the suggestion!!
  14. Pomme Koala and Lockit
  15. Koala and the Beverly MM.