Need your opinions on these Manolo Blahniks and Giuseppe Zanottis

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  1. Keep em or leave em?!

    [​IMG] (photo from eBay)

  2. Wow, I am loving the tan pair!
  3. like the 1st. I don't care for the 2nd (tan)
  4. I think I like them both. At first glance I wasn't sure but trying to picture them on.
  5. Love the Manolos. The Zanotti's are nice, but the Manolos jump out at me (in a good way!)
  6. The black ones are the Ringos right? I like those. I wouldn't personally buy them as I try to stay away from really strappy shoes, but I still like them.

    I think the GZ looks nice, but they are nothing special at the same time. Maybe my answer depends on whether you got them on sale or not? LOL Things can always look better when they are reduced! :yes:
  7. Those Manolos are fab!
  8. The MB is TDF!
  9. Yes they are Ringos. I got the Manolos for $177 (Retail $595) and I got the GZs (Retail $650) for $156.:tup:
  10. I like them both, but I like the second pair more than the first.
  11. You got a FABULOUS deal. I really love those Manolos. Very sexy, yet they look sturdy. I'd buy them in a heartbeat at that price. The GZs are nice, but I'm not blown away
  12. Great deals. I need to go shopping with you. LOL Yeah, I'm still not amazed by the Zanottis. I do like the Ringos though. ;)
  13. Haha you guys all needa go shopping with me! I always try to find the best deals... I recently bought the Christian Louboutin Simple Pumps for $62! (Barneys) and I got the Activas for $160 (Barneys). I bought these shoes without thought like all my other shoes. I am not in love with them, I'm more in love with the price.
  14. ^^^:wtf: I do need to go shopping with you. How the heck did you manage to grab CL's at that price? LOL What size do you wear? My mouth literally dropped when I saw the prices. :supacool:
  15. hahaha.

    The simple pumps were already on sale. The bottoms weren't as smooth as the new ones because they were previously the ones on displayed. So I said some bs saying that they should discount 50% but they agreed to 75%

    The activas were also the same situation. I told them that they should discount 50% off the sale price because they should be considered "defective" because of those little scuffs on the bottom and they agreed