Need your opinions on the Khaki Cabas please!

  1. I have one coming tomorrow from NM. I havent seen it in person, only pictures. To those of you that own it, do you love it or LOVE it. OR do you own it because it's the in and hard to find bag right now? (It seems I jumped on that bandwagon, and I normally never do that)

    I cant wait to see it tomorrow, but not sure I will love it and return it or eBay it.

    Would love your opinions!:heart:
  2. I just rec'd mine yesterday. I love it. At first i wasn't sure if I really would like it, but after seeing it, I know why everyone has been talking about it. Good luck. :smile:
  3. When you see it in person, you will understand.
  4. Donna.....
    I love my khaki cabas.... its my favorite bag..... the only thing that i dont really like about it is that it does not have a zippered top. but as far as look and comfort, i love this bag....
  5. OK..having purchased it in 3 colors..Let me give you my take on it..LOL

    The black and teal cabas are soft and mushy leather bags..WHICH I ADORE!!!
    The khaki has a metallic sheen to it and because of the metallic nature of the bag..It is ALOT stiffer..I prefer my black and teal's mushiness.HOWEVER the rose hardware and chain handle on the khaki is TDF!!!!!
    It has its pros and cons...all together ..its a really pretty bag!
  6. I haven't seen the Khaki IRL but I did have (briefly) the dk silver baby cabas (metallic) which I returned because even though I loved the color (and it had silver hardware not rose, I think) it was too stiff for me. I have my name down on a list for the black leather. I saw it and held it recently at a store (someone else was getting it) and I think I also will be happier with the smooshy leather of the black.

    I asked a SA and she said all are equally popular and most people don't mind the stiffness of the metallics because they are in love with the color.

    I think I am picky about leather (I am also picky about leather jackets/coats too) and it's my own personal thing . . .
  7. BTW, I loved the bag way more in IRL . . . to begin with, I wasn't even interested in it from the ads until I saw someone carrying one IRL . . .
  8. I love mine lots. :love: And im sure you ll love yours when you finally get to see/touch/carry it. :yes::yes:
  9. I think it all depends on what type of bag you normally carry..If you like a really mushy bag..You wont love this one
  10. I love mine! But ofcourse everyone has different tastes. I think you will know as soon as you put it on whether or not it is for you!
  11. Get it! (If you love it). Personally, I'm envy you finding it. I've been searcing for a baby coco cabas in khaki for weeks.
    I prefer the khaki to the black which I think has more of a vintagey look because the leather isn't a shiny opaque black.
  12. I think you will LOVE it! I have the navy and LOVE it. I didn't like the Baby Cabas at first and thought what's the big deal, but then I realized how great it would be to have a slouchy Chanel tote and for me its the perfect size.
  13. I love mine. It is a great size. It is very comfortable on my shoulder. It is a great color since it goes with most outfits. I am really glad I have this bag!
  14. I LOVE mine. My favorite bag.
  15. well I got it today packaged wonderfully in a big white Chanel box....its gorgeous, not sure if its me. Dammit, I hate when I do this to myself....I have been soooo used to carrying Balenciagas that the size of the Cabas is not what I'm used to.