Need your opinions on the Dr. Q Groovee Satchel

  1. I have wanted this bag for a long it worth paying retail? I've not been able to beg, borrow or steal one on eBay or anywhere else so I'm facing the music.

    If you have it, do you love it? Worth full price??

    Thank you!
  2. i actually bought the white one--it's really striking and lined with beautiful flowery fabric. but i returned it b/c i have a 2 year old and white just isn't practical.
    it's a really gorgeous bag, though. 498 is a bit high, imo.
  3. It really depends on how much you think you're going to use it. It's a really, really gorgeous bag, but it's not a shoulder bag (although it might come with a strap? it's been awhile since I've seen one) so it might not be as practical for everyday schlepping. If I'm going to spend around $500 retail for something, I would definitely want to get a lot of use out of it.
  4. my favorite mbmj bag! i have it in bordeaux, i paid full price for it, and i do not regret it at all. it does have a longer shoulder strap, but it causes the bag to lose its shape when carried that way. it bothers some people although it doesn't concern me. the leather is high quality, thick, and sumptuous. the color is tdf. totally worth it!
  5. I don't mind it becoming shapeless when being used, I'm used to smooshy bags and love that look. I've been looking at it in the mouse color and the photos look like it would be a great bag.

    Decisions! :confused1: :sweatdrop:
  6. I have this bag is mouse grey and I love it! I only got it a week or two ago and it's really great. I paid retail plus shipping and NY tax which I'm not super happy about but it was definitely worth it. I went to the MBMJ store and they said that they had sold out and so I started to think that maybe it would be hard to find.

    I find it just a bit heavy but if you're used to regular MJ bags then it won't be a problem. I do use the shoulder strap when I need to and I think the bag loses it's shape a bit but perhaps not as much as the Fall 2007 bags. The color and quality of the leather is beautiful. If you haven't seen the color in person it's really interesting and seems like it won't show dirt easily. I've used this bag everyday since I've gotten it!
  7. ^ :O you got the mouse grey? can you show a photo? :x i saw a picture on Zappos and i liked it but i want to see a photo photo

    I LOVE MY DR.Q GROOVEE ... i really do. I bought it in the chocolate and i paid um..... a bit more than US retail from eBay (i'm in australia and the Dr.Q retails for more here) but i think its tooootally worth it and i was even trying to get my hands on the Bordeaux. hehe my fave MBMJ bag out there
  8. I managed to get my hands on one in like new condition that looks like it's kind of a whiskey colored leather for a LOT less than retail. YAYAYAY But if I love this bag like I think I might, I may have to have it in mouse too! I really thought the color looked lovely online.
  9. ^^Oooh, you went for it? Lol, I sounded sort of negative in my post, I didn't really convey that I actually LOVE this bag (I personally can't deal with non-tote-type bags so unfortunately it was never on my to-buy list). I actually think the brown/tan color is the most beautiful, but I think I'm a sucker for brown things! Congrats on getting your bag (at a great price, no less!).
  10. Oh you sounded just fine and besides, I wanted to hear the negative and the positive. Thanks for your help! I can't wait to get it! :tup:
  11. grace123, i think you are really going to love this bag. the leather is sooo soft and the nice tan color or gorgeous! post modeling pics when you receieve it!