Need your opinions on my Edith (mismatched leather)

  1. I just recieved a whisky edith from aloharag and something is bothering me about the leather matching on the bag. The front is only slightly textured, but from the back it looks like a different bag- on the right side near base of the handle the leather is really heavily textured- and the left side is pretty smooth. I love the bag, but I wish the leather was more even, that heavily textured area is already sagging a bit and the bag hasn't even been carried yet.

    Ladies, what do you think?
    edithfront.jpg edithback.jpg
  2. I think this is not unusual for the Edith. I was just looking at another whiskey Edith at Nordies and the leather is just like the leather of your Edith. I'm one of the lucky few who got a Edith with pretty even pebbling in one try. :smile:
  3. Truthfully, that would bother me with any bag...I prefer an even texture throughout.
  4. Thanks Pnay71 and macp6- I think I'll be returning it- I think it would really bother me to keep it- I'd feel like it was a "second" or you know, just not right.
  5. sparkledust~

    i got an edith from aloharag too. mine did not come with a chloe tag and that really bothers me. did yours come with one?
  6. Hi jeshika, yes mine had a Chloe tag, that would bother me too.
  7. I just spoke to Jumpei, and he is letting me send it back with no restocking fee since it is mismatched. I'm extremely impressed with Aloharag's customer service!
  8. thanks so much. i will email them too. my leather is a little weird too. but i don't like not having the tag one bit!
  9. Jeshinka, it is not unusual for a bag to come without a tag. However, if you pay that much for a bag you should definitely get a tag!

    In regards to the mismatch leather of the Edith, that is normal. Some Ediths are pebbly in the front and smooth on the bag. Or vice versa. Typically the leather is not uniform. This is the same for paddingtons.
  10. thanks lordguinny.... i'm posting pictures of my edith loaf in the other thread... let me know what you think! :smile:
  11. The leather becomes pebbly in the front too. The texture becomes uniformed. I wore my for a week and its all even now and I love it.
  12. sparkledust, I wouldn't worry too much about it, it isn't a defect. However, you should not settle for anything but the best! Often times we will send a bag back and re-order until we land the "perfect" bag. I ordered two whiskey Ediths the first time around. One came and was too smooth and stiff. :Push: Back it went! The 2nd one came and it was perfectly wrinkled, pebbled and smooshy. :love:

    I have two paddingtons and I had 1 Edith Whiskey. None of the leather on any of them were uniform. My chocolate paddington '05 had a pebbly back, smooth front. My '06 whiskey paddington is pebbled front and back but super super pebbly and squishy on the side. My Edith was pebbly on the front and back and very smooth on the sides. Most ladies prefer leather that isn't uniform as uniform leather is often thought of as "fake".

    If you are unhappy with this one you should send it back. Ediths are much more available this time so you should have no problem finding another one! $1275 is a lot to spend for a bag you aren't totally satisfied with.

    Good luck and let us know what you decide to do! :flowers:
  13. Thanks lordguinny and Minnie- thanks for your input- I guess since it's a pretty big investment, I'm going to return and purchase one that I can see before buying.
  14. I was lucky enough to pick personally from 6 Ediths and there were 2 who had the same leather like yours. I picked one which was more even because I wasn't too fond on the mismatching leather. But this is an Edith problem that it can be a hit or a miss. Good luck in finding your dream Edith!
  15. Hi Tanja- I totally agree- I think picking from a number of candidates is the only way to go- as you did-- and congrats on finding your special Edith! Thanks for the response.