Need your opinions! Kate Spade Biarritz Baby Bag

  1. As you can see from my signature, we're eagerly anticipating the arrival of TWINS this summer! :yahoo::yahoo:These will be our first kids--and probably only! I am a certified bag-nut, naturally, and generally carry Hermes bags whenever possible/practical. However, with twins on the way, I don't really think Hermes has anything that's a good style and large enough for the stuff I'll need to tote around, not to mention the fact that my DH would burst out laughing at the thought of me spending thousands of dollars on a diaper bag. :lol:

    I've been looking at diaper bags/baby bags, and I like the very French style of the kate spade Biarritz Baby Bag, shown here:

    Does anyone have this bag already, and if so, do you like it? Is it big enough for lots and lots of stuff? Does it get dirty really easily (worried about the ivory part), and if so, is it cleanable?

    What I like about this one: 1) it looks like it can hang on the stroller without tipping the stroller. 2) It seems to be a good size? 3) It's got a nice clean classic look to it. 4) I like the fact that it can be either shoulder carried or handheld. 5)It's cheap!

    Any other suggestions for practical, large, CUTE baby bags?
  2. Although I can't help with your questions, I just had to say CONGRATS!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  3. Aw, thanks so much!!
  4. I second the congratulations! I think the bag is really cute, and I have no experience with babies, but do you think this bag will get dirty too easily?
  5. i think i had every diaper bag on the market when my kids were babies including a kate spade which worked well...i think this one looks great but i'm afraid you would regret such a light colored fabric...please feel free to pm me anytime about diaper bags, they were my obsession, i even ended up having a nyc designer make one for me (although this was approx 7 and 5 years ago and there were a lot less choices then!)
  6. OMGoodness! I did not know you were expecting twins!! I have a set myself ;) LMK if you have any questions!!!
    My most favoritest baby bag of all time has been my Kate Spade's, I've had 2 or 3.
    Can you go and try it on? I haven't checked this one out in person.
  7. congrats!!!! my favorite dipe bags EVER are my Not Rational Fab and Hansel bags in naked leathers. Check them out at

    they so rock!
  8. Thanks so much, everyone!! Off to check out notrational...and will definitely try to find the KS Biarritz in person as well (great suggestion, Swanky).

    One thing I should mention is that I now live in the 'burbs, so my diaper bag won't need to hold up to quite as much dirt and grime as it would if we still lived in the city. I actually anticipate using it fairly lightly, hanging off the stroller (suggestions welcome on that too!!), or tucked into the car.

    Then again, with twins, will anything I own ever be actually clean again?! LOL
  9. oooh it's cute! congrats!
  10. i think the bag is SUPER cute!! and CONGRATS ON THE BABIES!!!!!