Need your Opinions! Is this bag BLACK?

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  1. help!! opinion pleaseeeeeeee i have never had a city in black and not sure if this one i just got is really black or maybe another color? anthra? or just difference in the leather that is normal from bag to bag?
    need your expert opinions

    (just got my BLACK GGH CITY from Barneys sent to me)

    could it be that it is not black but another color
    i am comparing the leather to my black work it is different or is that just a variation here is the post i made with lots of pix are at end of thread
    and here are some pix comparing
    orig thread:

    JAN MISC 09 054.jpg

    JAN MISC 09 079.jpg

    JAN MISC 09 067.jpg

    JAN MISC 09 071.jpg

    JAN MISC 09 072.jpg

    THANKS so much
  2. It's just my opinion, but based on the photos, I'd say it is black. I have heard that the newer bags are a softer black in general, so my guess is that this particular one is a bit lighter.

    I need to add that it is gorgeous, and if it were mine, I wouldn't give it another thought! Enjoy! :tender:
  3. I replied with my thoughts to your other thread.
  4. thanks so much ladies .....yes roey it has black stitching
  5. No Worries - I would say yes that it is black. I had the exact same concern when I got my Spring 07 GGH Black Work (original thread somewhere here!) My GGH Work color/texture looks just like your GGH City:



    Broken in:

    IMG_1940.JPG IMG_0470.jpg
  6. Yup, I have a not-so-black-but-actually-black bag, too!
  7. It looks black. On the other hand if you really want to verify that it is, get a close up picture of the zipper in the front. If the material is black, then the bag is black. They always match the material of the bag to what the color is supposed to be.
  8. THANK you ladies! now i can relax and take the tag off! lololol
    actually she is very happy sitting on my living room chair! lol

    and yes the material is black ! love it!
  9. It looks black. It is probably just a bit more veiny than your are used to seeing? I have 07 blacks and i can't say that any of them look alike. The variance in leathers can go from one extreme to the other.
  10. Beautiful bag. The amount of veinyness (whoa is this a word?) will affect the intensitiy of the colour.
  11. thanks for the pix

    is the 07 chevre (i don't really understand the difference so please help me learn!)
    i have a chance to get an 07 chevre ggh city is that better than an 08 ?
  12. I think you should definately get it to compare with your '08. And then keep the one you prefer and return the other one. You may just be pleasantly surprised with the '07...My '07 has REALLY SOFT leather, as compared to my '08.

  13. Yea, I agree with the others. It's probably black. Is it an '08? I got an '08 and it was abou the same shade as yours. It all preference really, I wasn't looking for a soft black. Got an '09 and the difference in black is ridiculous!
  14. what is the difference in the 09 color black?