Need your opinions, I have a little delima...

  1. I bought what I thought was a speedy 25 from Poupetteluxe site and when I received the bag yesterday it was speedy 30. The bag is in great condition it has a light patina. The seller is willing to give me a refund since the description in the auction was wrong. But I not sure if I want to return it because it was a good price and the bag is in such good shape. What should I do?:shrugs:
  2. Hmmm. That IS a dilemma. If you got a pretty good price and you don't mind the size I say keep it.

    Or you could sell it and buy a new 25 from the boutique. :idea:
  3. The seller is leaving it up to you, so if you like it, keep it. :flowers:
  4. keep the bag you'll be happier with the 30:smile:
  5. Keep It!!!
  6. Personally, I like the look of 30 more than 25.
  7. If it is your choice, then keep it and enjoy it.
  8. keep it! the 30 is a great size, then maybe get a 25 in Damier or something!!!
  9. yes..30 is great size..I have both size. 30 has bigger opening..I would say keep it..
  10. Personally I'd keep it, but it's up to you:smile:
  11. I'd keep it too!
  12. Keep it for sure. Many people on this site have had 25 and have grown out of it too quickly. I love my 30 and I thought I wanted a 25, no way, stick with the 30.
  13. i would keep it. if its in great condition and your pleased with it, than why give it back.
  14. If the size looks good on you, I'd definetly keep it!
  15. Keep it! Is the seller asking you for more money?
    It's their mistake, not yours, so if you like it then I don't see a problem with you keeping it. I wish I had your dilemma...LOL.