Need your opinions - I am having 2nd thoughts about my roses pochette

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  1. I was so excited when I bought it almost two weeks ago but it has sat in it's dust bag ever since. I tend to be a larger bag girl ... most of the time I carry a speedy 30. It's cute but I am not sure how much use I will get out of it and when I look at it my heart doesn't go all thump thump. I keep thinking I could use it inside my bag but it is too nice for that. It was a pricey little goodie and I keep thinking that for not a lot more I could get that Damier Neverful that I have been dreaming of.

    What do you think? Have you ladies been using yours?
  2. I think you've just answered your own question --- you'll really get more use out of the damier NF than the roses pochette. The pochette is really gorgeous, though, but if you won't be using it, the price was way too expensive for it to be just sitting in your closet being unused. Go with what you've been longing all along. I think you'll be happier. Good luck!
  3. I love it, but I agree, I love big bags. The Pochette would make a good evening bag though. Also, I would probibly put it inside my purse to for maybe cellphone/ favorite lipgloss/ keys etc. But, because your having second thoughts, maybe thats a sign you shouldn't keep it, that's okay, you can give it to me :graucho:
  4. I love big bags too, but the pochette is cute for a night out! I used mine for the first time last night, and it was perfect for the essentials. It really did force me to prioritize though. I hope you find a use for yours!
  5. yeah, i feel ya!!!
    but you know, it is a gorgeous piece!
    if you feel you need to unload, look into selling it!
  6. I returned my roses NF...the minute I sent it back I called my SA and told her I made a mistake and send it back to me...I got caught up in threads that I shouldn't even looked at...I loved it immediately and that is what glad that I got my roses NF back...she is absolutely stunning...I think I want the roses speedy too....yikkkkkessss....GL
  7. I would normally say keep it, but it doesn't sound like you really want it.
  8. The roses pochette is very pretty but it's more useful when you do not want to carry a lot of things with you - evening bag, etc. I have a regular pochette and I rarely use it but I'll never sell it because I still like having it.

    So, return the roses pochette and get the Damier Neverfull (MM or GM). I have a Damier Neverfull GM and I LOVE it!!! It's a great bag and so useful in so many ways!!!

    Since your roses pochette is around $500, you would only need to pay the difference for the NF. You could always buy a regular pochette in mono or Damier in the $300 range (not sure what the pochette sells for theses days) but it's definitely cheaper than buying the roses pochette.
  9. No point in hanging on to something that's not useful ~ get what you love and be happy!
  10. Sounds like your heart really isn't into it. Such a shame as it is beautiful. I like big bags. I have the Damier Neverfull MM. It is a wonderful bag. I would say try to exchange the pochette for the NF. I think you will then be a lot happier. :tup:

    Good luck. :yes:
  11. return it if you are not using it
  12. Return it if you don't want it.
    If you do like it, but just want to keep it as a collectible (and can) then there's nothing wrong with that either!
  13. I would say return it if your not going to use it. You should really love any bag that you pay that much money for.
  14. if you dont love it, return it
  15. Well I have the rose pouchette and what I do with it is during the week when Im working I keep it in my VL beverly. It has my cell phone, keys and coach mini-skinny that contains all my cards/ID. On the weekends I hate carrying a large purse so I bought a long strap and I attach it to the pouchette and use that for the weekends. Works perfect for me :tup: