Need your opinions--I am breaking up the ark!!

  1. Gals,
    First off let me apologize for not posting a picture of me with my coco--I know many of you want to see it on a petite gal... Work has been crazy lately--got home late last night and in bright and early this morning!
    Anyway, have a short break and need your advice. There are just way too many bags that I am interested in this season so I must break up the ark!!

    So here we go-- this is what I am definitely keeping

    White reissue 2.55 in large (silver hardware)
    Black leather coco cabas bag (silver hardware)
    burgandy square vintage tote (silver hardware)
    black caviar box tote (gold hardware ) (this is the one that I have in both black and butterscotch--not sure of right Chanel color name)

    Here is the hard part!!
    I have two cambon totes--tan and black and would like to give one up
    To keep, black or beige?
    Two cambon multipockets--tan and black
    To keep, black or beige?
    Two coin totes black and beige both with gold hardware
    To keep, black or beige--leaning toward keeping the black one again
    Also, should I keep the butterscotch tote?

    I would like a more balance collection of taking into account color and hardware...

    Also on order
    Modern chain in white and tan --will keep the one I want most
    Black diamond stich box tote (I use my box tote with gold chains above alot and want a similar style with silver hardware)

    Please help!! So hard to part with any but really can't justify buying more unless I weed down the collection!

    I have
  2. Wow S., you sure do have a lot of black and beige.

    My personal preferences:

    Black Cambon Tote
    Beige Cambon Reporter (multipockets)
    Black Coin Tote
  3. I'll give you my vote on the Cambons:

    Keep the beige/black Reporter
    Sell the black Tote

    I think the CoCo Cabas will fit the need of a large black bag better than the black Reporter. And I love the beige/black Reporter a lot!

    The beige Tote just pops in that color. It's a keeper!
  4. Keep the beige reporter. The rest you can keep in black.
  5. Just want to be clear--you think I should keep the beige and black multipocket and tote and get rid of both the black ones??
    My original thought was to keep one black and one beige cambon in different styles...but I like that you are challenging that idea!!

    See how seriously I am taking this!! Really value your opinions!!
  7. Can you post a pic for us again? You have SO many it's hard to keep track! LOL!
    For your Cambons, I would keep the black multi-pocket and sell the beige one and keep the beige tote and sell the black one.
  8. I meant keep the beige and black multipocket; keep the BLACK tote. Don't keep the black Reporter; don't keep the BEIGE tote. Even though I love the tote in beige, I think the black looks more formal, yet still casual.

    Sorry, I wasn't finished with my coffee when I typed my original response! :lol:
  9. okay. . . you may have to make some polls in here to get accurate results! LOL!
  10. Keep the blk lrg tote and beige multipkt .

    Lose beige lrg tote and blk multipkt .

    Thats what I'd do ! But take a pic of all the girls together before you part with them ! I wanna see !
  11. Which bags do you grab most often? Those should be your keepers! I would keep them all.
  12. yikes, this trhead is making my head spin:lol: . Jill, get in here pronto.
    i like swankys' idea.i like the reporter in black and the tote in beige.
    now i forgot the rest:shame: let me scroll back.
  13. for the coin totes, i would keep the black one. hope i got it all. hope it helps. best of luck. it must be one of the thoughest decisions ever to make.
  14. KEEP:
    beige cambon tote
    black cambon multipocket
    black coin tote

    get rid of the butterscotch (the cloudy bundle "white" could be a nice replacement)

    **also, my SA told me the modern chain is coming in DARK BROWN.... not beige, which wouldn't be bad for you anyway b/c it seems you have NO BROWN
  15. Oh my! First, love your "keepers"
    In addition, I would keep the black cambon tote.