Need your opinions -- Chocolate Camila! Pics!!!

  1. Do you like the Chocolate Camila? do you think this bag is worth it for $4andchange?
    thanks again!
    IMG_1456 [800x600].JPG IMG_1457 [800x600].JPG IMG_1455 [800x600].JPG
  2. yum! I have always loved this bag!! are you trying to decide between the three? again, I think the mayfair is definitely the best but this is also gorgeous. I would totally get it for $4something!
  3. Is this the one I found for you at Bloomies? WOW It looks better on you than IRL! Wow.. Now if you're wondering whether to keep the bordeaux or chocolate, I can't be of any help! :upsidedown:
  4. I love it! Yes, I think it's worth $400, definitely!
  5. The color and leather are both so gorgeous! :heart: And it fits you beautifully... but if you are stressing/questioning/concerned about the price, then maybe you need to rethink it... I know for me, if I'm obsessing about the price, then it's probably b/c A- it's too expensive for my budget or B- I don't really NEED it, and shouldn't be buying ANOTHER bag that will just be piling up in my closet ... but that's just me. :ninja:

    Either way, best of luck on your decision! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
  6. i think out the bags you recently bought- this one is my least favorite and the others will stand the test of time better. thats just imho though. if you love it- keep it!
  7. I agree w/ LILSKYDIVER >>> Well said...LOL I have some pretty pricey bags that NO I didn't need but I I didn't stress over the price..I love this bag on you...and I love the color as well. I def think it's a great deal...but if you have second thoughts...don't think twice about returning it..chances are you won't miss it..Good luck w/ your decision!!
  8. yes very nice but quite small as well. i agree it's my least fave of the 3 but i love the chocolate colour!!!
  9. i love all your purses! im so jealous of all your purchases.
  10. I LOVE this one. And your mayfair. And the Ines. And the Mina. Aren't I helpful?

    In all honesty, I don't think I can pick a favorite. I think it depends what you are looking everyday bag? a bag to go out with? etc...
  11. i like the size. that's about it. the overall design of the bag is not doing it for me.
  12. Well, I've posted before what a big fan of the Camilla I am. And I absolutely love it in Chocolate. It looks amazing on you too!
  13. I love the color and the size might be nice for nights out but I like the Mayfair and Ines a bit more.
  14. Wow, how many bags exactly did you get lol. It's cute, but maybe less practical then say the Mayfair?
  15. I think this bag is just adorable on you. If you don't want it send it to meeeeee! LOL. Can you get all your stuff into it? Is it practical? It looks great and is definitely worth the price!