Need your opinions ASAP!!!


Which agenda???

  1. Black Taiga leather agenda

  2. Damier canvas agenda

  3. Other -please specify

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  1. Hi everyone!

    I bought an agenda yesterday in black Taiga leather. It's very simple, classy, and understated. But I'm starting to think that it's a little boring?

    I want a really fun agenda that would not show signs of wear (if used gently, of course) for a long time and look fun! So, I was thinking about Damier canvas agenda with regular clasp (not koala). I can actually buy LV refills with gold edging and have it match the hardware (Taiga comes with silver) and a red pen (not LV).

    I was also thinking about Vernis but I'd be obsessed with keeping it away from everything (due to color transfer, fading, etc.), so it's a no. Epi is ok, but also a little boring? Damier Azur would get dirty really fast...

    I have these bags: Black Epi Speedy, Red Epi Jasmin, and Damier Speedy.

    What do you think? Please let me know!!!!!
  2. I voted would go very well with your Damier bag, and would look hot with the red Jasmin...I agree that the Taiga agenda is a LITTLE boring...
  3. The Damier would be nice and it would look great with the red Epi. :yes:
  4. when i was thinking of getting an agenda last year, i was debating between the Taiga and Monogram Mat. i love the Taiga leather, but in the end i went for the Mat because the line had already been discontinued and i wanted something different. if the Mat agenda hadn't been available i would definitely have gotten the Taiga, and i think it goes with all the bags you listed
  5. I would get the Damier for sure. I think it would hold up great and it is a bit more funky. I love the black but I agree with you, its just kind of well, like a filofax one you could pick up from Office max! KWIM? (much better leather ofcourse) I have the vernis (framboise) and I love it. Luckily I have not had any problems with color transfer. I wold love to get the Amarante, or the BIG mono one...thats next on the list.
  6. I also voted Damier. I'm not such a fan of Damier, but I think it'll look great with your bags!
  7. Damier
  8. Damier:tup:
  9. Wow! Thanks for your quick responses! You guys are the best! I am leaning towards Damier now, too...

    Why am I ALWAYS so indecisive???? LOL
  10. I voted other and was gonna suggest Vernis.. but I see you ruled that out.. In that case, I prefer Damier over Taiga :yes:
  11. how about the aramante vernis? it's dark enough that you don't have to worry about color transfer
  12. Damier all the way!!!
  13. I vote Damier. It holds up very well, and it is a great design. It would go with your bags. I picked up an amarante wallet once in the store and it took one second before it had fingerprints all over it. That would frustrate me.
  14. I put my vote for the damier, it will be gorgeous together with your red Jasmin!
  15. Both Damier and Taiga are very durable and are suitable material for any accessory that will face day-to-day use. I am personally a fan of the Taiga line because of its understated smart look. So I voted for Taiga.