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Jan 14, 2007
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Just wanted advice from you all regarding restoration and recoloring.

I have a Balenciaga City with Silver Giant 21 HW. This bag was the first Balenciaga I ever purchased back in 2009. I've used it almost every day since, of course I give it a break sometimes but for the majority of the year this is the bag I carry. I dont baby it either, and over time it has aged beautifully.

The black color has faded naturally, but not too bad especially for an 11-year old workhorse. I personally think that Balenciaga bags look better as they age and develop that worn vintage look.

The vintage look doesnt bother me at all but I've been toying around with the idea of having the bag recolored or at the very least, have the hardware painted over with silver coating. But part of me feels like my bag would be sorta "fake", since it will no longer be the color from Balenciaga or the "original" hardware color.

Do you think its ok to have it recolored or do you think Balenciaga bags look beautiful as is despite their age and oxidized hardware (its still silver but has lost its shine and is a very dull silver due to age)? Like I said, it doesnt bother me but im also not opposed to "updating" it so im 50/50 and would love your thoughts.


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Aug 31, 2008
your bag has this very cool rocker chic vibe as is :smile: if you decide you need to get the bag redyed, I would not recommend painting over the hardware. The patina is beautiful. But, I love old things juxtaposed with new things! JMO :smile:
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Jun 6, 2014
Here is a picture of my bag:
Personally I’d just try a shoe cream in black to bring the colour up a little. If you check the care and maintenance section for posts by @kerryisntreal you’ll find some good advice on product. Recolouring will change the leather feel and would be a last resort especially for black. And the hardware looks just fine IMO. A good moisturizing would help as well.