Need your opinions about agendas..

  1. Hi! I am thinking about gettin' an agenda but I am not sure because I should be on purseban:p.
    I like vernis agenda, especially in Framboise. I read the LV website and took a look at the PF but still there are so many infos that I can't figure all the agendas together and make compariosion! :lol:
    I am looking for something not too big but also not too small. Something that can have one page per day. I'm not looking for particoular extras like pages with blank notes addresses etc
    The important thing to me is that I can put all the refill inside the agenda, not that I have some months in the agenda and some other at home because they don't fit. Also I would be glad to buy Hello Kitty or other cute stuff refill instead of LV refill. I want something colorfull :love:
    So I would like to ask if the small vernis agenda which is 160 euro if I'm not wrong could be ok for me. I don't want to spend more than 200 euro for it.
    Thanks in advance!! :heart::heart::heart:
  2. p.s. if you know also about Chanel agendas let me know! :smile:
  3. well I bought an agenda as a random purchase and I would 100% get one. I thought that the small agenda would be tiny but in actual fact its good to just put in a bag and can also be used as a wallet, that is my main use for it.

    I wouldnt get vernis unless you are using it for a wallet, because vernis is quite fragile and I think within 12 months you will find some sort of scratch/pen mark on it. I would get mono/damier or mini lin canvas. I have the Mini Mono which is discontinued and it holds up very well :smile:
  4. I too just bought myself a small agenda cover as i will be changing job soon after the new year is over! Actually starting on 2 Jan 2008 so i think i will need one in view of the nature of work. Mini is too small for my needs. Medium is best but it's out opf my budget! Probably will change next year if i have a bigger budget!

    Oh yeah about cute refills right, if you have friends staying in Asia, do ask them to get them for you. The prices on eBay is too much!
  5. Thank you Socialite for telling me about the vernis and its problem after use. I haven't any vernis pieces and so I was not sure if a vernis agenda was a good chooise or not - I'm looking for something functional so vernis is not for me.

    Thank you Mauiheng! I have a penpal from Japan so I may ask her to get something for me! We'll see if Santa brings me funds to buy it :graucho: