Need your opinion_buyer doesn’t want to use PayPal

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  1. Hello Forum!,
    I have a buyer who is interested in my LV Mahina, but for some reason she doesn’t want to communicate using an ebay emailing and wants to pay directly to my bank account (not through PayPal).Of course, it is better for me because I don’t have to pay a huge fees to both of them.
    I do have a receipt of purchase for my bag and photos of the Originality Code.
    She wants me to give her a moneyback guarantee on the originality, which I don’t mind to do since the bag is 100% Authentic and I have proof of it. She also told me that in the last four months she purchase two Louis Vuitton Mahina fakes. Fortunately for her, all ended well but in one purchase she had to use a lawyer.
    What makes me suspicions, is why after all of that go back on ebay to buy another bag without even using PayPal? Why to take chances? Surely, instead of paining to a lawyer you can go to the LV store and buy any new bag you want to.
    Perhaps, there is a plan to FAKE me with the return... ?
    Well, I may be paranoid but you cannot be too careful nowadays.

    What do YOU think? :confused1:
  2. there's no way i would agree to that.
  3. Not sure what you mean by "originality code." And about "a receipt of purchase" for it: do you mean your own personal purchase receipt from LV, or what? Not sure what you mean by guaranteeing "originality" to the buyer.

    Besides this, her protection is her concern, really; if she wants it riskier in the event of something going wrong, that's a poor choice but its hers to make. And you can be sent back a fake no matter how the payment was done, unfortunately.

    Trust your instincts here. Even a whiff of scammy is not acceptable.
  4. Sure sounds fishy to me -- like you said, why not use PP & have extra protection??

    One thing I thought of is that this could be a scammer who plans to use a compromised bank could ship the bag & then the bank account owner would have the charges reversed --then you would be out the bag & the $$$$.

    Sounds like this potential buyer gives lots of details that just don't make sense in the end.

    IMO, you should go w/ your instinct...would it be worth saving fees to get scammed?

    GL w/ whatever you decide, OP!
  5. Many thanks for your reply...
    I have been on ebay for more than 5 years and I never had a buyer who doesn’t want to pay through PayPal. I did ask for the reason a couple of times but never got an answer to my question.
  6. Hi Jellyv,

    Yes, I have an original purchase receipt for this bag.
    By “code” I mean the identification number inside the bag.
    The buyer wanted me to promise that the bag is authentic and I no problem to do it, I just don’t understand why she doesn’t want to write through the ebay email and use PayPal.
  7. Do not agree to anything with this is fishy....No way......
  8. Ah. Well, I'd block her.
  9. Hi Just 1 More,

    Many thanks for your SUPER advice, I never thought about the reversed payment...
  10. Dear Forum Members!
    You are ROCK!
    I thought I have a little Miss Paranoid in my head, but now I feel more normal thanks to your posts!
  11. Hi, Im pretty new here but it doesnt seem to make any sense to me. Would make me very uneasy and I wouldnt do it. Her reasoning is skewed. Trust your instinct.
    Im interested in an LV bag and asked the seller to send me or post pics of the date code. I got an email from her of course through EBay asking me what my email address was. I responded (and remember I am new here) but cant understand why she just wouldnt have sent it through the ebay email? Am I missing something or just paranoid from hearing about all the fakes going around? Thanks for any one's opinion!!
  12. I bet she plans on switching bags and sending you back a fake.

  13. I don't think there's a way to add file attachments via eBay's mail system. At least I've never been able to see that option.
  14. I would run far, far away.
  15. It fine to give your email address if you want more or better photos.
    I am with jellyv on this; there is no tool on ebay mail to attach extra pics even at extra cost.
    In my case, she didn't ask for photos, just didn't want to write using ebay email saying that it is not good.