Need Your Opinion

  1. Hello. First I have to thank you all for helping me with a concern a few months ago. Since that time I've become a fan of Hermes , with a number of scarves to my name now and the purchase of an Evelyne for my daughter for Christmas. Currently, I have the opportunity to purchase a black togo bolide with gold hardware. I'm trying to decide if I would prefer the PH to the gold. What do you think?

    I greatly value your opinion,
    thank you...creature
  2. Hello, Well, I would always prefer gold with everything. I think it's a matter of personal preference. Do you wear more Gold Than White gold?

    Gold on a bag will make it dressy as Palladium will keep it casual.
  3. Baggaholic thanks for such a quick reply. Actually I wear yellow gold jewelry. I have seen the bag with the ph and and thought it looked very nice but this black was shown to me with the gold which I have not seen before. It is a 37, gosh such decisions. I just love Hermes and everything about it.
  4. I love black with Gold...or PH...that's so hard. I'd take either! :love:
  5. ^^ I agree. You cannot go wrong...but if you wear more yellow gold...I would go for the gold!!
  6. I guess Gold it is!!!
  7. on a black bag, it's a completely even playing field - some leather colors just look better to the eye with one hardware or the other, but with black, it can take either, and the hardware just gives it a different effect. ph is a little more casual, a little more modern and young (in terms of spirit, not actual age). gold is a little more luxe, serious, a little more sophisticated...
  8. ^^ well said!!!!!
  9. Black with gold is stunning!!! Go for it!
  10. creature i just added a pic to the bolide thread - go check it out.
  11. I'm ususally only a palladium girl but I love black with either!
  12. creature i found a black 37 with GH!!! - i'm posting pics on the bolide thread now - check them out in a minute.
  13. i guess with black, either gold or palladium would work...
  14. Oh a Black Togo Bolide with gold would be gorgeous!!!!
  15. i agree w/ all the previous posts. either color would be fine. yes, it trully boils down to personal preference. but let me tell you this. coming from someone who normally hates gold, i just think that a black and gold combo for this particular style would be oh so classy!