Need your opinion....

Nov 26, 2007
Northern Virginia
So, I got an ulimate zip around wallet for christmas in black. I absolutely love this wallet, holds a lot and very pretty and functional. So, I was at my local boutique and saw the same wallet in burgandy and fell in love with the color. Except, something is bothering me and I need your help. I've attached pics. The zipper trim is not an exact match to the wallet. Its lighter and more pink than a deep red/burgandy. Too me, its pretty noticable and takes away from the wallet. What do you guys think? Am I being too picky.





Also, do I really need 2 of the same wallet. Do you think I should exchange it for this wallet in burgandy.
It doesn't hold as much. Also, I wish the chain was longer so you could wear it crossbody or double the chain for a clutch.

Thanks your help!


Au Masculin
Jan 9, 2008
I actually like the lighter coloured trim and I think it adds to the wallet's appeal. If it were the exact same colour as the leather the overall look of the wallet would be duller, in my opinion. The burgundy is one of my favourite Ultimate colours.

I would pick the ziparound style over the wallet with a chain for its practicality.