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  1. So when the "deal" was posted in the small size thread about the red Salamancas in size 35 on Neiman Marcus' website I thought I would go take a look since it said they would be good for a size 34 or 34.5.

    Also since I can return them and they were on sale I thought why not give them a try so I ordered them.

    They arrived today and they are simply beautiful.

    However, I think they may be too big for me to even "get by" with.

    Here are a few pictures (forgive the crappy quality they were taken with my cell phone):



    I need help with this...I know I will never find this shoe in a size 34 and I am too taken with them to make a logical decision. Help!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. They do look a tad big on you.
    But, such a cute shoes nonetheless.
  3. yeah, def big on you...
  4. They look too big.
  5. too big :sad: call the stores, i'm sure you can find one in an actual store!!! :smile: My sister has tiny feet like you too, it's nearly impossible to find shoes for her other then kids shoes
  6. Too big, sorry :sad:
  7. Thanks for all of your opinions. I pretty much knew it, but it is easy to get lured in by the red sole beauty and not think straight.

    It sucks finding shoes in size 34! I am so happy to have my Madame Claudes; that was a find I never thought would happen.

    Madamelizaking, when you say "call the stores" do you specifically mean the CL boutiques or all the stores like Nordstrom, Neiman, etc. in addition to the CL boutiques?

    Thanks for everyone's help!
  8. Too big I'm afraid.. :sad:
  9. May I just add that I HATE my shoe size!!! I despise the fact that most shoes don't even come in my size and then when they do finding them is nearly impossible. ;-\

    I'm sure others with sizes on either side of the "bell shaped curve" can relate.

    Sorry for the mini vent...I am just really sad over these. :sad:
  10. 34 is now the smallest size that SCP carries (starting with F/W 09 collection) :graucho:
  11. I have been talking to Monica and Jordan and they did let me know this so I am a bit happier. :smile:

    I haven't been to the SCP boutique in a week or so; do you know when the size 34's may start arriving in their store?

    Guess I should just cheer myself up, return these shoes to Neimans, and think about other shoes I can get. :smile:
  12. They had some on display already but Patrick said that the next shipment will have more and I believe they received that shipment yesterday!
  13. Thank you SO much! I am calling in the morning. :yahoo:
  14. Awww I am sorry they are too big. I'm not sure these even came in a 34 :sad: If there wasn't so much room at the back of the heel I would say they could be made to work but I think there's just too much back there. I'm sorry they didn't work out--but yes, you can put this money towards a great pair that DOES fit!!!! :hugs:
  15. Sorry they're too big on you hun.