Need your opinion!!

  1. I think i've found my everyday bag! It's decently priced so that I won't mind throwing it around and it's plain looking enough to go with every outfit. The question is: WHICH COLOR?? BTW, this is Lucky's Gathered Suede Hobo. Sorry in advance about the picture quality. Don't let your opnions be swayed by the quality, try to imagine them the same~

    Blue Jeans

    Mossy Green

    or mulled wine

    More reference pics at Zappos:

    Thanks guys for your input!
  2. OH! And if anyone owns this bag, please let me know what you think of it!
  3. I would say the mulled wine if you wear a lot of grays, blacks, creams. It would add a pop of color. My sister's friend has this bag and is beautiful. Simple yet chic.
  4. I'd vote green or wine. Definitely not the blue as your everyday bag.
  5. oooo I like them all! But I'd go with the wine....
  6. I like the green or the red...

    blue isn't really my thing, but if you like it then go for it!!
  7. LOVE the red- now you're making ME want to buy it darn you! hehe :p Gorgeous bag though and great price.
  8. i'd say wine. i'm really paranoid about 'too much blue'

    to teh extent that i wont wear blue jeans and a blue shirt...or blue anything else. too much blue!
  9. I like the Mossy Green!!
  10. Ooooh, really cute bags. My vote is for the wine or the blue. I'm not a fan of green but that's just me. Let us know what you decide.
  11. Wow! I like all the colors you posted. But if it were me, I would choose the wine : )
  12. Okay, here it is...I think that green is neutral. It pretty much goes with everything. Brown, black, great for shopping and I think truly an "everyday" color. I do love the red bag though. I have several either cranberry/wine bags or cranberry and black bags (Jack Gomme is my every day as seen below but instead of grey background it's black)....I have to switch if I'm wearing something brown/tan. I guess my true vote if it's really every day is for green.